EU - CESAR Workshop: Share experiences with setting up and maintaining semantic asset repositories


About the Community of European Semantic Asset Repositories (CESAR)

CESAR stands for Community of European Semantic Asset Repositories (CESAR) and has the overall objective to share experiences with setting up and maintaining semantic asset repositories. In this context, the ISA Programme of the European Commission is organising the first CESAR workshop on March 7 2012 in Brussels. The workshop is part of the ISA semantic methodologies Action (Action 1.1).

About the workshop

The March 7 CESAR workshop will be a unique opportunity for -Government policy makers and e-Government professionals to:

  • Share good practices on policies, processes, and infrastructures for metadata management; and
  • Discuss and build common grounds for the future federation of semantic assets repositories.

The workshop will address questions such as:

  • Which goals and objectives have been put forward?
  • What barriers have been surmounted to set up the asset repository?
  • What has worked well? What are the key services that are the most important and most cost-beneficial for Public Administrations? Is the online delivery model supported by other channels?
  • What needs to be improved? How are the requirements of the Public Administrations incorporated into the services offered through the asset repository?
  • What budgetary mechanisms are used to support the delivery of the services linked to the semantic asset repository?
  • What is the actual usage by public administrations of the services offered through the semantic asset repository? Any take-up strategy? How is actual use measured?
  • How can ADMS help? Future plans related to the federation of asset repositories..

Workshop material

Expected Participants:

The workshop is co-located with the Interoperability Architecture Cluster meeting, which also takes place on March 7 2012. Participation in the workshop is by invitation only and is intended for ISA Member State representatives and external experts (e.g. standardisation organisations) who deal with semantic interoperability issues for e-Government.


Contact email




Registration and Coffee


Vassilios Peristeras

Introduction: Strategic directions set out by the ISA Programme


SESSION 1: Governmental semantic asset repositories


Stijn Goedertier and Joao Frade (10')

Presentation of ADMS and the federation (Joinup)


Adam Arndt (15')

Danish repository (Digitalisé


Andreas Gehlert (15')

German repository (XRepository)


Anne Kauhanen-Simanainen (15')

Finnish repository (


Priit Parmakson (15')

Estonian repository (RIHA)


Dicussion (15')


Coffee Break (20')


SESSION 2: Non-governmental semantic asset repositories


Willem Van Gemert (10')

The CELLAR project of the Publications Office


David Mitton and Jonathan Semple(10')

Listpoint repository


Dimitris Alexandrou (10')

UBITECH and the International Commission on Civil Status (ICCS)


Douglas Hill (10')



 Phil Archer (10')

Describing W3C specifications with ADMS


Sebastian Sklarss (10')

Describing XRepository assets with ADMS (XRepository)

Describing SEMIC assets with ADMS (SEMIC)


Pim van der Eijk (10')

Mapping OASIS content metadata to ADMS


Discussion and conclusion




Physical location
Albert Borschette Conference Centre - Room 3C, Rue Froissart 36, Brussels - 1040, Belgium
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