Euritas EU Digital Summit

Making the Digital Agenda Work – the Journey from Policy to Reality

Euritas, the European Association of public ICT service providers, will be hosting a conference on European regulations regarding egovernment on November 28th, 2018 in Brussels. The conference will highlight the challenges between policy making and technical implementation and will provide a platform to discuss how to bridge the gap. Stakeholders of the public sector on European, national and regional level are invited to participate.

The European Council, Commission and Parliament have recently launched several regulations to be implemented. These regulations are General Data Protection (GDPR), electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services (eIDAS) and the upcoming Single Digital Gateway (SDG). All member states are required to meet the demands of these regulations.

During several panels, representatives of the European Commission, CIOs from national entities and experts from public ICT service providers will provide insights on the implementation status of these regulations and the challenges and lessons learned. They will for example discuss how to provide cloud services in accordance with the GDPR-requirements, the specific national approaches and status of implementing the eIDAS-regulation and the options of creating a user-centric approach for the Single Digital Gateway.

The summit is an invitation-only event. If you belong to the stakeholders group you can request your interest to Mrs. Zehra Kilic-Türkan (see contact details).

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Session Topic Time Speakers
Welcome Welcome and introduction 15 min

Hubert Ludwig, President of Euritas

Simone Puksic, Vice-President of Euritas

Keynote ICT regulations and how they relate to policy goals of the European Digital Agenda 45 min Carl-Christian Buhr, Deputy Head of Cabinet of Commissioner Mariya Gabriel
Panel I

Half year of GDPR - What are the lessons learned of the GDPR implementation?

What level of data protection is adequate in order to comply with GDPR when transferring personal data outside the EU – are the existing data transfer mechanisms enough, taking the four European Essential Guarantees into account?

1,5 h

Presentations and panel discussion

Willem Debeuckelaere, Deputy Chair of the European Data Protection Board

Helle Uldbaek Sorensen, Position paper presented by Euritas

Giovanni Buttarelli, European Data Protection Supervisor (tbc)

Vlasta Marinovic, DPO of APIS IT – Croatia

Paul Van den Berg, CIO of the Dutch Ministry of Justice

Panel II

How is the implementation of eIDAS realized in EU countries and which challenges have occurred?

What are the lessons learned?


1,5 h

Presentations and panel discussion

Andrea Servida, Head of Unit "eGovernment and Trust" at DG CONNECT

Herbert Leitold, Secretary-General of A-SIT – Austria

Jens Bender, eID expert at Federal Office for Information Security – Germany

Bozo Zeba, Deputy Secretary at Central State Office for the Development of the Digital Society – Croatia

Freek van Krevel, Senior policy advisor EU implementaion programmes + eIDAS – The Netherlands

Coffee break
Panel III
Single Digital Gateway

How can Euritas contribute to a successful implementation of the SDG?

What is status of the digitisation of the procedures listed in Annex II?

Which additional features, components and technologies can make the Single Digital Gateway as user centric as possible?

1,5 h



Presentations and panel discussion

Hettel Varik, Policy Assistant at the EC, Leader of the technical development of the Single Digital Gateway

John-Lloyd Holler, White paper presentation by Euritas

Kristian Mul, Product manager at Logius – The Netherlands

Robert Krimmer, Full Professor of e-Governance, TOOP coordinator – Estonia

Susanne Kroeger, e-Government department at Federal Ministry of the Interior – Germany

Networking opportunity
Physical location
Representation of the European Region Tyrol - South Tyrol - Trentino, Bruxelles