In the context of current security challenges, the European Commission issued the Decision C(2016)8998 (update of C(2006)3602 decision) on the security of communication and information systems (CIS) in the European Commission. The decision C(2016)8998 aims to provide a framework for EU institutions to better manage, plan and apply cost effective security measures based on business risk exposure of the involved Communication and Information Systems and assets.

This webinar aims to provide insights in the decision requirements, to offer practical examples of approaches for implementation and to help involved responsibles to organise their effort for achieving compliance. Details are offered on the decision implications and how it can be positioned in the overall landscape of IT security standards and frameworks within EU institutions.

Intended audience of this webinar consists of;

- IT or Business Units (HoU) responsible for Communication and Information Systems (CIS)

- Local Information Security Officers (LISO)

- System Security Officers (SSO)

- Project Managers (PM)

- Information Risk Managers (IRM)

- Data Protection Coordinators (DPC)


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1- C(2016) 8998 overview

2- C(2016) 8998 as comprehensive ICT security framework and comparison with other ICT security standards

3- Practical implementation insights and best practices

4- Q&A

Physical location
Webex Webinar

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