Joinup Roadmap 2018 - 2019

Joinup constantly aims at improving the quality of its services and of its user experience, to keep the pace with users' expectations.

Over the last months, the Joinup team has continued collecting feedback from users about their expectations of new or enhanced features. Based on such feedback -- and capitalising on already planned functionalities to be released in the near future -- a roadmap has been designed, to steer the future developments of the platform.

The image below displays which features will be released over the next months, and in which part of the year you can expect to see their release. Some of them (above the dotted diagonal line) are improvements of functionalities that are already present in the platform or were present in the previous version of Joinup; other (below the dotted diagonal line) are new features which have, so far, not appeared on Joinup. A few upcoming functionalities are displayed in between these two groups, as they encompass both enhanced and totally new features.

The Joinup team is committed to listening all users' feedback. If you have any questions about any of the items on the roadmap, or you wish to submit additional feature requests, you may do so through the Joinup Support contact form, selecting the option "Feature request" in the field "Category".

The team will also keep all users up to date with any changes to the release schedule.


Table of contents

1. Completed Improvements
2. Completed Features
3. Future Improvements
4. Future Features

1. Completed Improvements Description

Restructuring of the Joinup collection

Restructuring the Joinup collection to provide more training material, as well as information about improvements made available on the platform.

Multi-level navigation in Custom pages

Feature allowing the navigation through different level of custom pages.

Improved user experience of unsharring content

The text on the button as well as the notification message when the action is completed have been improved.

Performance issues have been fixed

Implementation that ensure better performance on Joinup have been released. (Re-indexing, Redis, etc.,)

Download counters Feature indicating the number of downloads related to a specific solution/release & distribution.
Improved HTML editor New tags are available on editors throughout Joinup (discussions, collections, solutions, etc.,)
Inclusion of an abstract in the ‘Overview’ pages Enhancement of the informational content of the collection landing page by including an abstract redirecting to the ‘About’ page.
Possibility to transfer contents’ ownership Feature allowing Joinup’s moderators/collection owner to transfer the ownership of a content/collection from one user to another one. 
Improvement of tiles’ layout

The way the different tiles look like was changed to let the full titles appear in the tiles. Titles in tiles are now displayed in full to ease the understanding of the content item related to the tile. 

Subscription to discussions  Option to receive updates whenever new content is published within a discussion.

Pinned tiles for Collection owners & facilitators 

Collection owners and facilitators can highlight specific tiles by pinning them in their collections. 
2. Completed features Description
Creation of User tours Interactive tool to support users navigating on the main pages and using features of the platform.
Tallinn declaration implementation dashboard A dashboard will be available within the Tallinn Ministerial Declaration collection and will depict in a dynamic radar chart the status of implementation reported by the different EU countries.
ADMS-AP v2 Importer

Feature allowing the massive import of solutions metadata through the ADMS procedure. Further improvements will be implemented in 2019.

Creation of a FAQ section Creation of a Frequently Asked Questions section providing answers to users on recurrent questions.
Extraction of collection’s metadata set

Feature allowing the download of the metadata set of all documents stored within a specific collection. (CSV file)

Improved content management within custom pages

Facilitators will have the possibility to select specific content items to display on a custom page.

3. Future Improvements Description
Workflow management Improved processes for creating, validating and editing content.
Improved support pages

Provision of training material within the Joinup collection (FAQ, How-To documents, videos).

Joinup user-friendly analysis

Improvements that will help users to be easily guided on Joinup and also find all the available functionalities.

Notifications & explanatory statements

Improved notifications that are sent on each action that is performed on the platform and updated explanatory statements through the platform.

Enhanced EIRA visibility on Joinup

Operate and enhance the Joinup catalogue of solutions. Initially a quick-assessment of the current solutions published in the Joinup Catalogue will take place. 

Addition of a map into new events

Feature allowing to add a map displaying the location when creating a new event.

Subscription Management

Possibility to manage the subscription to any collection and related content.

Resized images to fit in tiles

All the uploaded images will have the same size without any affection on the quality of the uploaded image.

Increased visibility of user details

Details that are posted on the professional profile field, will be visible on the platform.

Addition of last update date to content types

The last update date will be visible when the users selects a content type: document, news, etc.,)

Improved content management within custom pages

Facilitators will have the possibility to select specific content items to display on a custom page.

4. Future features Description
Subscription to a collection’s newsletter

Possibility to subscribe directly to a newsletter throughout a collection. The user can easily subscribe by adding his email on the form that will be displayed on a specific collection.

Help menu

Help button will be editable by moderators. The following options will be created: Take a tour, How To, Video Tutorials, List of FAQs, Contact Joinup support

Multilingual support

Possibility to select the language in which to read a content item, provided that this content item is available in multiple languages.

Implementation of RSS feed

Implementation of RSS feeds (e.g. to feed Newsletters).

Possibility to contact other users

Feature allowing each registered user to contact another user via the platform.

PIWIK Statistics for collections and Dashboards

All the available KPIs of each collection on Joinup will be sent on PIWIK. Users who has access on PIWIK will be trained to use Sections & Segments in order to easily organise and extract the available data. In the future the possibility to integrate PIWIK dashboard on Joinup will be examined. 

Advanced search functionality

When the advanced search functionality is selected a form will be displayed with for a specific query on Joinup (content item, creation date, modification date, author by, etc.,)

Invitations to join collections/solutions

Feature allowing facilitators to invite Joinup users to join a specific collection/solution.

Creation of custom pages in Solutions

Possibility to create custom pages in solutions.

Notifications about Joinup updates

Possibility to be informed about Joinup updates directly into the platform.

Pin specific tiles on collections/ solutions

Option to organise the order and the type of the tiles that are displayed on the overview page of Joinup, Collections and Solutions.

Solutions affiliation

Displaying a solution in a collection different from the one where it was originally created, as if it was integral part of the new collection as well.

Reusability of the source code

Cleaning the source code to improve its reusability.

Bookmark content

Selecting content to display in the user’s dashboard for easier later retrieval.

Implementation of EU login

Log-in with the unique credentials allowing to access several EC-managed websites, instead of Joinup-specific credentials.

Integration with third party services

Possibility to integrate and use map services, Business intelligence, GitHub, etc.

Moderation dashboard

Dashboard allowing massive, more efficient moderation of content.

Licence workflow management

Streamlined process to create, validate, edit and delete licences.


Last update: 30/11/2018