Joinup Roadmap 2019

Joinup constantly aims at improving the quality of its services and of its user experience, in order to keep the pace with users' expectations.

Over the last months, the Joinup Team has been collecting feedback from users regarding their expectations for new or enhanced features and improvements. Based on this feedback -- and capitalising on already planned functionalities to be released in the near future -- a Roadmap has been designed to steer the future developments of the platform.

The image below displays which features will be released over the next months, and in which period of the year you can expect to see their release. Some of them (light blue boxes) are improvements of functionalities that are already present in the platform or were present in the previous version of Joinup; the other (dark blue boxes) are new features which have, so far, not appeared on Joinup. A few upcoming functionalities are displayed in between these two groups, as they encompass both enhanced and totally new features.

The Joinup Team is committed to listening to all users' feedback. If you have any questions about any of the items on the Roadmap, or you wish to submit additional feature requests, you may do so through the Joinup Support contact form, selecting the option "Feature request" in the "Category" field. Alternatively, you could also use the Joinup satisfaction survey.

The team will also keep all users up-to-date with any changes to the release schedule.

Roadmap 2019

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Table of contents

1. Completed Improvements
2. Completed Features
3. Future Improvements
4. Future Features                                                                                                                                                                                        

1. Completed Improvements Description

Restructuring of Joinup collection


Restructuring the Joinup collection to provide more training material, as well as information about improvements made available on the platform.


Multi-level navigation in Custom pages

Feature allowing the navigation through different level of custom pages.

Improved content management within custom pages

Facilitators have the possibility to select specific content items to display on a custom page.
Fixed format in tables Visually improved tables by setting a default option for fixed width on the columns and text alignment on top.
Enhanced EIRA visibility on Joinup EIRA v3.0 integration with Joinup and all PURIs of EIRA are now effectively dereferencable through Joinup as the Publication office has made the redirection from the dr8 namespace: to Joinup:
Improved support pages Provision of training material within the Joinup collection (FAQ, How-To documents, videos).
Addition of a map on events Feature allowing to add a map displaying the location when creating a new event.
Filters on members for facilitators Facilitators are able to filter all the members of their collection as well as to sort by name, member since & state; ascending or descending. Also, facilitators can easily find the newly added members. 
2. Completed features Description
ADMS-AP v2 Importer Feature allowing the massive import of solutions metadata on Joinup. 
Implementation of RSS feed on collections Joinup supports RSS feeds per collection and displays the title and the link of all the newly created news, documents, events or solutions of a collection by simply select the option: “RSS feed”.
Joinup Licensing Wizard Feature allowing the users to find which licence is more suitable for their distributions or any other case; by filtering with the classification (can, must, cannot, etc.). A new workflow has been created for validating and editing existing licences. 
Subscription to a collection’s newsletter Possibility to subscribe directly to a newsletter throughout a collection by adding his email on the respective Newsletter subscription tile.
Creation of custom pages in Solutions Possibility to create custom pages in solutions.
3. Future Improvements Description
Improved handling of comments Only authenticated users will have the option to add comments, while anonymous users will see that they should Login or create an account before commenting.
Addition of an image on News’ items News will be more attractive for the users with the addition of an image on their tiles; An image can be added on existing News’ items.  
Improved URL structure Increased awareness of where you are landed on Joinup, e.g.:…
Improved Joinup homepage Improved appearance on the Joinup homepage based on the inputs of a graphic designer. 
New repository federations New repositories from Slovenia will be federated on Joinup after the federation of Spanish Center for Technology Transfer with the ADMS-AP v2 importer.
Updated user profiles Updated user profiles for asking, keeping and displaying only the important user profile information. 
Streamline workflows Improved processes for creating, validating and editing content.
Continuous user-friendliness improvement Improvements that will help users to be easily guided on Joinup and also find all the available functionalities. (Resized images to fit in tiles, Addition of last update date)
Addition of an expandable menu on the CKEditor New feature on the CKEditor for creating a clickable and expandable menu. 
4. Future features Description
Advanced search functionality Further improvement on the advanced search functionality will be added.
Segments for collections on Web Analytics All the available KPIs of each collection on Joinup will be easily extractable via Web Analytics. Users will be trained to use Sections & Segments in order to easily organise and extract the available data for their collection. 
Implementation of EU login Log-in with the unique credentials allowing to access several EC-managed websites, instead of Joinup-specific credentials.
Redesigned collection/solution structure Redesigned collection/solution structure to make each community content more appealing and useful to the users. Option to owners/facilitators to organise the tiles easily in the overview page.
Invitations to join collections/solutions Feature allowing facilitators to invite Joinup users to join a specific collection/solution.
Subscription Management Possibility to manage the subscription to any collection and related content.
Possibility to contact collection owner/facilitators Feature allowing each registered user to contact a collection owner/facilitators via the platform.
Reusability of the source code             

Transforming the source code to improve its reusability. 

Integration with GitHub for releases Integration with GitHub will allow the creation of a new release on Joinup automatically by posting a new release version on GitHub. 
Possibility to integrate with third party services Analysing the possibility to integrate with third party services and use map services, Business intelligence (BI), Twitter, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), better handling of sharing content on social media, etc.
Multilingual support Possibility to create in 23 different languages all the news, events, documents of a collection/solution.  The author will be responsible for the translation of the content. (Stakeholder feedback may be requested)


Last update: 28/06/2019