Joinup Roadmap 2020 - 2021

Joinup constantly aims at improving the quality of its services and of its user experience, in order to keep the pace with users' expectations.

Over the last months, the Joinup Team has been collecting feedback from users regarding their expectations for new or enhanced features and improvements. Based on this feedback -- and capitalising on already planned functionalities to be released in the near future -- a Roadmap has been designed to steer the future developments of the platform.

The image below displays which features will be released over the next months, and in which period of the year you can expect to see their release. Some of them (light blue boxes) are improvements of functionalities that are already present in the platform or were present in the previous version of Joinup; the other (dark blue boxes) are new features which have, so far, not appeared on Joinup. A few upcoming functionalities are displayed in between these two groups, as they encompass both enhanced and totally new features.

The Joinup Team is committed to listening to all users' feedback. If you have any questions about any of the items on the Roadmap, or you wish to submit additional feature requests, you may do so through the Joinup Support contact form, selecting the option "Feature request" in the "Category" field. Alternatively, you could also use the Joinup satisfaction survey.

The team will also keep all users up-to-date with any changes to the release schedule.

Joinup Roadmap for 2020

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Table of contents

1. Completed Improvements
2. Completed Features
3. Future Improvements
4. Future Features

1. Completed Improvements Description
Show markers on event maps When adding an address to events, a marker indicates on the map the place where the event takes place.

Filters on members for facilitators

Facilitators can now filter all the members of their collection/solution. Members can be sorted by name, member since & state, ascending or descending. Also, facilitators can now easily find newly added members. 

Addition of image on News’ tiles News authors can now convey more information and create more attractive news tiles by adding a picture on their top.

Fix the mobile view for content in tables

Improved way in which table content is shown on mobile devices: users can now scroll horizontally on tables.

UX improvement for  the form: “Add a custom page”

Updated the “Add custom page” form to ease the creation of custom pages.
Joinup collection: Federation of solutions guide New custom page added on the Joinup Collection: a guide which explains how external repositories 
Streamline workflows Improved processes for creating, validating and editing content.
Improve accessibility of descriptive text Updated descriptive text to improve accessibility of hyperlinks in the profile edit page.
Authors can freely publish updated content Content authors do not require anymore approval to publish updates of content which is already published.
2. Completed features Description
Subscription to a collection’s newsletter Users can subscribe directly to a newsletter throughout a collection by adding their email address on the respective Newsletter subscription tile.
Joinup Licensing Assistant Feature enabling copyright owners to quickly identify suitable licences for distributing their software or data. A new workflow was created for validating and editing existing licences. 
ADMS-AP v2 Importer Feature allowing the massive import of solutions metadata on Joinup.
Creation of custom pages in Solutions Possibility to create custom pages, not only in collections but also in solutions.
Possibility to share Solutions Feature allowing solutions to be shared in other collections.
Segments for collections on Web Analytics All the available statistics related to a specific collection on Joinup can be extracted via Web Analytics. 
Comparison tool for the JLA The tool simplifies multiple licences comparison. Users can select to compare up to 5 licences, and the differences between their characteristics are displayed side by side for analysis.
Implementation of EU login Adoption of the European Commission's user authentication service, which allows Joinup users to access a wide range of EC web services using one single account.
Subscription Management Implementing a dashboard to let users manage their subscriptions to Joinup collections and content update notification frequency.
Advanced search functionality Further improvement of the advanced search functionality.
3. Future Improvements Description
User experience improvements User Interface changes improving the user experience.
Update of the Joinup collection Ongoing maintenance of the Joinup collection to provide additional training material, as well as information about improvements made available on the platform.
Federation of external repositories Process enabling solutions from external repositories to be made available via the Joinup platform.
Updated user profiles Updated user profiles to require, keep and display relevant user details. Redesign of  the user profile page.
Add a collapsible menu to the CkEditor Allow users to create and display any type of content in an accordion format.
Improve Moderator’s delegation of access A feature that allows moderators to manage functional users with delegated access to their account.
Highlight Joinup as an official EU Platform Display a disclaimer which makes clear that Joinup is a European Commission website. 
Geographic Visualisation tool Geographical maps enabling users to access content per specific EU countries.
Multiple Policy Domain search Allowing the use of multiple policy domains as category filters.
Improved Joinup homepage User Experience improvements on the Joinup homepage.
Improved Account cancelation workflow Users’ contributions are not lost upon cancelation and solution/collection ownership transfer is recommended. 
Improving the relevance of search results Improvements on the indexing of content and on the search results’ relevance.
Additional layer of permissions for owners

Improvement which will allow owners to choose if their approval of new content applies also to facilitators.

4. Future features Description
Invitations to join collections/solutions Feature allowing facilitators to invite Joinup users to join a specific collection/solution.
Access RSS feed in Solutions Feature allowing RSS feed for Solutions.
Redesigned collection/ solution structure Redesigned collection/solution structure to make them distinguishable, more appealing and accessible to users. Option for owners/facilitators to organise the tiles easily in the overview page.
Possibility to move a solution to another collection Feature allowing solutions to be moved to another collection.
Possibility to contact collection owner/facilitators Feature making contact information mandatory and adding an action button on collection pages which triggers a new email window with the collection owner’s contact address prefilled. 
Possibility to share content to a solution Users can share community content between solutions. 
Integration with GitHub for releases Integration with GitHub allowing the creation of a new release on Joinup automatically by posting a new release version on GitHub. 
Possibility to integrate with 3rd party services

Analysing the possibility to integrate with third party services and use map services, Business intelligence (BI), Twitter, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), better handling of sharing content on social media, etc.

Tooltip on texts When hovering over a specific area on content pages, users can see tooltip information provided by the content owner. 


Last update: 16/03/2020