Joinup Roadmap 2021

Joinup constantly aims at improving the quality of its services and of its user experience, in order to keep the pace with users' expectations.

Over the last months, the Joinup Team has been collecting feedback from users regarding their expectations for new or enhanced features and improvements. Based on this feedback -- and capitalising on already planned functionalities to be released in the near future -- a Roadmap has been designed to steer the future developments of the platform.

The image below displays which features will be released over the next months, and in which period of the year you can expect to see their release. Some of them (light blue boxes) are improvements of functionalities that are already present in the platform or were present in the previous version of Joinup; the other (dark blue boxes) are new features which have, so far, not appeared on Joinup. A few upcoming functionalities are displayed in between these two groups, as they encompass both enhanced and totally new features.

The Joinup Team is committed to listening to all users' feedback. If you have any questions about any of the items on the Roadmap, or you wish to submit additional feature requests, you may do so through the Joinup Support contact form, selecting the option "Feature request" in the "Category" field. Alternatively, you could also use the Joinup satisfaction survey.

The team will also keep all users up-to-date with any changes to the release schedule.

Joinup  Roadmap 2021

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Table of contents

1. Completed Improvements
2. Completed Features
3. Future Improvements
4. Future Features

1. Completed Improvements Description

Updated user profiles

The user profile page’s banner area showcases now all key information, allows dynamic adjustment and proper display of non-sensitive information. (October 2020)

Additional member role: author

Owners can assign to their members a new role, called author. Author members have permission to publish their content directly, without the owners’ or facilitators’ approval. (December 2020)

Geographic Visualisation tool

Owners can create all-purpose interactive maps based on the Europa Component Library’s (ECL) Webtools embeddable components. (September 2020)

Add collapsible text items in CKEditor

Allow users to create and display collapsible text items (accordion style). (December 2020)

2. Completed features Description

Site alerts 

A new functionality that allows Joinup Moderators to enable an alert banner on Joinup that informs users of important news, such as upcoming server maintenance or potential technical issues. (September 2020)

EIF Toolbox

The EIF Toolbox is a guiding tool for national public administrations to align their National Interoperability Frameworks (NIFs) with the European Interoperability Framework (EIF). (September 2020)


Allows owners to create a collection-level Glossary page in which to insert terms and descriptions. These terms will then be hyperlinked throughout the collection; if the user hovers over such terms a tooltip will display their descriptions, and if they are clicked the user will end up in the Glossary section of those terms. (September 2020)

JLA Licence Compatibility Checker

A new addition to the Joinup Licensing Assistant. The JLA Compatibility Checker allows users to find out if the licence under which they want to distribute their software is compatible with the licence(s) of the included software components it uses. (December 2020)

“What’s new” notifications

Provides to users a visual indicator (a red bell icon) on the User support icon (   ) whenever new features/improvements are available to the platform. (September 2020)

Subscribe to solutions

Users will be able to subscribe to solutions to receive notifications when a new release or new content is published in it. (March 2021)

Share content in solutions

Users can share community content between solutions. (May 2021)


Integration of CEF’s eTranslation building block, which will allow users to easily translate Joinup content live to a variety of listed languages. (April 2021)

3. Future Improvements Description

Content clean-up

Outdated, incomplete or very low quality collections and/or solutions will be taken offline, updated or removed.

Improve visibility of the quick search field

The search field in the navigation bar will be highlighted, and a call-to-action placeholder will be set to “Start your search…”

Improve access to content editing

A dedicated button for content editing will be visibly placed for authors’ easy access.

Remove legacy UI buttons

The legacy content filter buttons will be removed from the area above tiles on main pages (Solutions, Collections, Keep up to date).

Notification when saving content as draft

When saving content as draft, authors will be prompted with useful information on how they can access that content later.

Improved edit fields descriptions

Extra and clear descriptions will be added/updated in all fields that require user input. Where possible, info icons will offer more in depth information when selected/hovered over.

Improve “subscribe to newsletter” button UI

The visual appearance and location of the Newsletter Subscription tile will be improved, allowing users to easily locate and subscribe to their Newsletter of choice.

External repositories federation

Enabling solutions from external repositories to be made available via the Joinup platform, utilising the ADMS application protocol (ADMS-AP v2).

Simplify experience for content upload

Users will be able to upload content to Joinup collections, according to their main topic of interest, using topics as guidance.

Improve content contribution UI

A visible, “Contribute” call for action button will be made available in multiple locations (homepage, user icon menu). The button will let users access a content upload wizard, which will offer a quick guide regarding uploading options based on their needs.

Update of the Joinup collection

Ongoing maintenance of the Joinup collection to provide additional guidance material, as well as information about improvements made available on the platform.

Improve the relevance of search results

Improvements on the indexing of content and on the search results’ relevancy.

Filters for sorting advanced search results

Support the alphabetical sorting of advanced search results, grouping them into identifiable categories and sub-categories. Also allow sorting by date spans.

Multiple Topics search

Allow the use of multiple topics as category filters.

New Joinup Homepage and advanced search page

Redesigned Homepage and advanced search page which will provide rich user experience.

Infrastructure migration

Aligning to a standardised infrastructure model will enable a more flexibility and higher frequency for releases of improvements and features.

4. Future features Description

Redesigned collection/solution structure

Make collections/solutions more distinguishable by clarifying their association and utility.

Sort solutions by Topic

A feature which will add shortcut filters on a “Explore solutions”-type page with the purpose to allow users explore solutions by topic.

Increase content visibility on Joinup’s homepage

A section will be added on the Joinup homepage with a call to action for users to explore different types of content.

Get search suggestions on the Joinup homepage

Topic suggestions will be placed below the search box, offering a glimpse of useful and interesting Joinup content.

Enable navigation around solutions

The UI of the solutions’ landing page will be updated with visible navigation actions buttons.

Access to solution creation guide

A new feature will provide a guide to explain to users the best practices on when solutions should be preferred (instead of collections), how releases and distributions relate to each other and how they are created, and other best practices.

Ensure owners’ contact information availability

Making contact information mandatory and adding an action button on collection pages which triggers a new email window with the collection owner’s contact address prefilled.

Show search suggestions when typing

Improve the search functionality to display keyword suggestions as users type, i.e. a complete word at first, then a semantic neighbour.

Get tips on how to upload any content

A “Create” call button will be made visible, leading to a wizard which offers a quick guide on upload options, based on user needs and content type.

Notifications on comment replies

Users will receive a notification when there are replies to their comment (they can unsubscribe from it as well).

Add permalinks to comments

A new feature will enable sharing a comment via a permalink.

Add images in comments

Users will be able to add an image in their comments.

ADMS-AP extension for EIF Toolbox

Integration into Joinup's Solution fields of the EIF Toolbox's extensions to the ADMS-AP specification.

Enable 3rd party service integration

Analysing the possibility to integrate with third party services and use geolocation services, Business intelligence (BI), Twitter, REDISSTAT, etc.

Git repository release integration

Integration with Git repositories to allow automatic creation of a new release on Joinup when publishing new Git release version.

Last update: 14/06/2021