AEGIS Releases Platform v2

EU Project AEGIS Releases Platform v2

Published on: 01/07/2019

The Aegis project has proceeded with the second release of the AEGIS platform integrated prototype, which features a partially functional high fidelity software prototype connected to a deployed version of the platform, providing an initial interface including the basic UI/UX for the users of the platform.

The GUI/Front-end has been substantially improved according to the initial feedback received, still based upon the AEGIS institutional web site. When the user accesses the platform for the first time, he/her may enter the account registration, and then proceed with the login. Once the user is logged into the platform, a main page shows two tabs: one for the Assets, the other for the Public Datasets. On the right side it is showed the list of the user projects, as well as the button to creating a new one. After a project has been selected, a new page shows the related activity history and the main menu on the left side, including the following items: Get Started, Assets, Project Datasets, Query Builder, Analytics, Visualiser, Jupyter, Zeppelin, Kafka, Jobs, Metadata Designer, Settings, Members, Project Metadata. In addition, on the top-right corner of the page, a search functionality is available (see Figure). For further details on the various components, please read the complete announcement at