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Italy updates ePayment specifications and tools


Italy’s Agency for the Digitalisation of the Public Sector (Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale, AGID) has updated the standards and specifications for pagoPA, the country’s electronic payment system. It is also making available tools for software developers, including software development kits for building Android and IOS applications.

The SDK Android pagoPA and the SDK iOS pagoPA are being developed by the DevelopersItalia digital government transformation team and software development community. The SDK are published as open source using the 3-clause BSD licence. Other tools made available along with the update of the pagoPA specifications include WSDL – definitions of payment methods and interfaces, and Schema XSD – XML schemas for electronic payments.

In addition, the announcement includes an update on the use of the pagoPA logo and trademark, a summary of the main changes and pointers to technical documentation.

The image is a flow diagram illustrating pagoPA, Italy's ePayment solution

The European Commission’s Joinup eGovernment collaboration platform, which federates repositories of public sector-related ICT solutions from across Europe, offers links to several other public services that make available software, tools and specifications for electronic payment systems and electronic services related to payments. For example, the government of the autonomous region of Aragón is sharing its Sistema de Pago Electrónico (electronic payment system).

Joinup also provides a link to Pasarela de pagos (payment gateway) an open source system developed by Spain’s Ministry of Finance and the Secretary-General for Digital Administration. A third Spanish example that can be found on Joinup is OpenLocal, an ERP system promoted by the government of the region of Andalusia.

In addition, the Joinup portal offers news about electronic payment practices in European countries. Users learn, for example, how the Swiss city of Zug in 2016 piloted the use of Bitcoin for electronic payments, and how Denmark is working on its next-generation electronic identity solution MitiD. This will be part of the country’s electronic banking infrastructure much like the current solution, NemID; according to the Ministry of Finance 90 % of NemID users associate it with online banking.

More information:

AGID announcement (in Italian)

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