A direct link between solutio…

A direct link between solutions and practitioners


Dear ePractice users, welcome to Joinup!

We’re looking forward to this new chapter, which brings policy-makers and practitioners in the fields of eGovernment, eHealth and eInclusion together with Joinup’s existing communities of experts, developers and its catalogue of interoperability solutions.

We believe all users will benefit from this consolidation onto a single platform.

About Joinup

For those coming from ePractice, here is a quick intro to Joinup. Joinup is a collaborative platform that offers a set of services to help e-Government professionals share their experience with each other and to support them in finding, choosing, re-using, developing and implementing interoperability solutions. Here is a list of these services. Some of the context of Joinup can be found on the ‘About us’ page.

For those of you with questions about their ePractice content, or user name and password, we’ve pulled together some practical information on the merger of ePractice with Joinup on this page.

We recommend you take time to familiarise yourself with Joinup. Probably the most important menu, apart from search, is the horizontal menu at the top of the site, starting with the home icon and the tab titled “My Page” - where you will find your account configuration. This horizontal menu allows you to find your own community(-ies). Please, check out the FAQ, which include a lot of general information about the platform.

Several of the tabs in this menu aggregate the activities in all of Joinup’s communities. The News tab will show you all, or nearly all, of the news that is posted in all the Joinup communities. Similarly, the Events section is a rich source of information on places and occasions to meet your peers, or interact with those from other Joinup communities.


To begin contributing to Joinup, use the “Propose your…” and “Action” buttons in the column on the right. The number of functions in these buttons increases once you’re logged in. This is where you can add your case study, submit a news item, and continue to build your communities.

About ePractice

Joinup users can find a brief introduction to the three ePractice communities below.


The eGovernment community covers all aspects of Internet use to deliver government information and services. It is aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery in the public sector. It will continue to bring news, events and relevant studies and, until recently, the eGovernment community maintained factsheets summarising progress per Member State. (Note that a detailed and high level analysis on National Interoperability Frameworks is available in the factsheets maintained by the NIFO community.)


The eHealth community focusses on the use of modern ICT in support of health and health-related fields. Apart from providing news and case studies, it offers one forum for those procuring eHealth solutions, and another for those involved in telemedicine.


The eInclusion community is about the exchange of knowledge and good practices related to the EC’s eInclusion policy and projects. The community aims to promote the use of ICT to overcome exclusion and improve economic performance, employment opportunities, quality of life, social participation and cohesion.


Please feel free to contact us, the Joinup user support team is ready to assist you with any questions you may have.


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joinup is truly place for information on the latest developments in the field of TIC and especially to know the evolution of interoperability solutions. In addition, Joinup can satisfy interact with members of other communities.

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