eIDAS made easy!

eIDAS Made Easy: The Quickstart Guide and Checklist for Your Business

Published on: 19/11/2018
Last update: 14/06/2019

What is the eIDAS Regulation? Which eID and trust service is right for your organisation? How can they be used to benefit your SME or startup?

As part of the eIDAS Toolkit for SMEs, the eIDAS Made Easy Guidebook and eIDAS Checklist have recently been launched to help businesses to understand the benefits of electronic identification (eID) and trust services and guide them towards implementation, according to individual business needs.

The eIDAS Made Easy Quickstart Guide

This downloadable guidebook is designed as a quick-reference guide on key information on the eIDAS Regulation and eID and trust service solutions. It provides a set of easy to understand concepts and practical examples, helping businesses to:

  • Understand the main features of the eIDAS Regulation.
  • Discover the business benefits of eID and trust services.
  • Identify the step towards implementing eID and trust service solutions.

The guidebook also provides sector specific examples for the application of eID and trust services in the financial services, online retail, transport and professional services sectors.

The eIDAS Checklist

downloadable checklist  is available to help businesses to choose the appropriate eID and trust service solutions to meet the needs of their business.

This checklist is aimed at those businesses that are looking to incorporate eID and trust services into their daily activities. It builds on the information provided in the guidebook and helps businesses to select the most appropriate solutions according to their specific business needs. 

The eIDAS Toolkit for SMEs

The guidebook and checklist form part of the eIDAS Toolkit for SMEs, a set of online resources designed to help businesses in Europe understand the benefits of eID and trust services and to assist them in the implementation of these solutions into their daily operations. Please visit the eIDAS for SMEs web page for additional information and resources such as:

The materials are available in four different languages (EN, ES, DE, FR).