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EU: ISA Collaborative Platform 'Joinup' to fuse SEMIC and OSOR soon

The European Commission's ISA programme (Interoperability Solutions for European Public Administrations), is about to launch 'Joinup', fusing two of its collaboration projects, and, on interoperability assets and on open source.

The new project is expected to take over from SEMIC and OSOR in October.

"We hope Joinup will make it easier for us all to share software, knowledge and information, to learn from each other's experiences and best practices", explains one of the EC project officers involved. "Joinup combines it all: the relevant documents, the assets on interoperability and the source code."

The new name, Joinup, reflects ISA's aim to help public administrators to work together.

ISA says Joinup will combine the services available on the OSOR and SEMIC.EU platforms. For example, those participating in the discussion on the semantics relevant for the Eurostat-XBRL project, no longer will have to switch to OSOR if they want to access the project's open source code. "And, in the past they would maybe share their experiences with the code on ePractice, a project by ISA and the Directorate General for the Information Society."

Like ePractice, Joinup will be built on top of the Drupal open source content management system. ISA says that merging SEMIC.EU and OSOR on Drupal will make it easier and cheaper to implement new services and features, for instances automatic alerts and automatic suggestions.

An introduction of Joinup is at That site will soon be linked to joinup's subdomain at

According to a statement published by ISA last week, all content and popular features will be transferred. "To access the new service, users will simply have to renew their current passwords."

Joinup, ISA's Collaborative Platform (temporary)

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