Improved webforms

Upcoming Joinup makes contributing easier

Published on: 04/10/2017

Improved webform takes care of content classification

Joinup is the European Commission’s collaboration platform for digital government professionals. As of next week, it will be much easier to join, and to contribute to the platform’s collections of IT solutions and best practices.

In the new Joinup, a single webform - represented by a circle with a plus sign - will be the access point for all users that want to contribute. To get to this webform, registered users have to log-in and visit one of their collections, and then click on the circle with the plus to see a simple submenu.

And yes - if you were already registered on Joinup, you don’t need to sign up again.

Collections Plus Button

The thorough simplification is possible thanks to the Collections - Joinup’s new way of aggregating tools and information.

Contributers no longer a need to be a member of a handful of projects or join one or more communities. Instead of contributors having to distinguish between projects, policy domains, software repositories and discussions, the new contribution webform will help navigate to get their work in the right place.

The webform is supported by much-improved content organisation technology. Behind the scenes, Joinup continues to rely on the ADMS, a standard method that lets us structure code classifications, taxonomies and other specialised vocabularies of re-usable metadata. In addition, the portal combines SPARQL - a semantic database query language - with the Triplestore semantic query database, improving the organisation of content across the site. This makes it possible to add contributions to the right collection, using pre-defined political, legal, organisational and technical categories.

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