Improvements are our priority

Joinup receives a new stream of improvements


The recent series of concurrent releases for the Joinup collaborative platform include numerous improvements, features and bug fixes, all adding up to a friendlier and more enhanced user experience. Below we present the most interesting of these newly introduced changes.

Let us start with the Tallinn Ministerial Declaration collection and, specifically, its Implementation monitoring page, which has been prepared to host an informative and visually appealing dashboard to provide an overview of the status of implementation for all policy actions carried out by Member States and European Free Trade Area countries.

tallinn collection
The Tallinn Ministerial Declaration’s Implementation monitoring page


Joinup’s tiles have received yet another round of improvements, re-styled with an identical height that leads to a consistent visual appearance. Furthermore, links haven been stripped from the tiles’ abstract section to avoid inconsistent look and functionality, and the “three-dots” contextual menu – that appears upon mouse-over in tiles (for owners and facilitators) – has been re-modelled for easier interaction.

joinup tiles
Improved and consistent visual appearance of tiles


Users will be delighted to learn that he Joinup Support Contact form is now more user-friendly, with the addition of an automatic confirmation message sent out when users submit their requests. Attachments are now properly supported in the contact form, allowing users to attach useful information such as screenshots, documents and more, which will help the Joinup Support Team sort out user requests even sooner.

The solutions’ space has also received a well-deserved enhancement. The number of displayed “Related solutions” within solution pages is now limited to 5, in order to have the most relevant solutions displayed, minimising – at the same time – user distraction. Of course, solution owners and facilitators can still add, manually, solutions that are deemed relevant.

related solutions
Limited number of “Related solutions” for less user distraction


For newsletter fans, we are pleased to mention here that a dedicated spot – on the Joinup footer area – has been reserved for accessing the Joinup Newsletter. Since this footer is always present, you will have continuous access to the latest Joinup platform news regardless of your location on Joinup.

joinup footer
Easy access to the Joinup Newsletter from the footer area


Creators and users of custom pages will be delighted to know that Joinup now supports a Table of Contents (TOC) for these pages, complete with navigation links for easy movement between them and their subpages.

custom pages toc
Custom pages now support a Table of Contents and their own navigation links


Furthermore, custom pages can now include specific Joinup content of your choice by using the brand new “Query builder” option. Pick your way through Solutions, Discussions, Documents, Events, and News by quickly defining them through simple filters.

query builder
The “Query builder” option allows you to pick your own custom page content


Many more improvements, features and bug fixes are part of these concurrent releases, adding up to a better user experience of the Joinup platform. Make sure to visit Joinup regularly, to find out about new and interesting things coming to the platform.

The European Commission’s Joinup platform is developed publicly, and the source code is published on GitHub (a web-based hosting service for software version control) under the European Union Public Licence (EUPL).

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