Joinup, one year after revamp

Joinup, the platform for e-Government solutions keeps evolving


One year already since the revamp of the Joinup platform took place! This open and collaborative tool – launched more than a decade ago – keeps evolving, developing, offering new features, attracting new communities and proposing new solutions. Public administrations, businesses and citizens in Europe can find on Joinup an incredible amount of reusable open source solutions in multiple areas – e-health, e-id, security, trainings, surveys, just to name a few – to address their needs and further develop towards digitalisation and interoperability. Making the sharing of e-Government knowledge and experience possible, that is what our team works for day in, day out.

A team of IT consultants, developers and communications specialists are working on the Joinup project, together with DIGIT Project Officers Victoria Kalogirou and Georges Lobo.

Functional Team & Project Officers
The Functional Team & Project Officers (from left to right): Ludovic Mayot, Katerina Chaniotou, Petro Dudi, Gabriele Cavrini, Johan Clemente, Marco Sagliocco, Fabienne Cogneau, Victoria Kalogirou, Georges Lobo.


Developer Team
The Developer Team (from left to right): Sander Van Dooren, Claudiu Cristea, Ilias Dimopoulos, Francesco Sardara, Pieter Frenssen.
Missing from the pictures: Angela Melidoni, Caroline Deketele, Walter Koehn, Rudi Van Houdt.


Are you an IT developer, software architect, or business leader working on e-Government solutions? Have you been working on digitalising services to citizens? Share your experience on Joinup and give your solution its well-deserved visibility, while simultaneously helping out other organisations in need of such a solution. Looking for solutions on specific services? Joinup offers over 2700 solutions, developed for public administrations and businesses to digitalise their services to citizens and reduce bureaucracy. These solutions are grouped in thematic collections.

Joinup also allows you to promote, discuss, and upload your own proven e-Government solutions. Currently, the platform has over 12000 subscribed contributors so you will most probably find what you are looking for!

This is just the beginning!

In the following months we will keep relying on our users' feedback to further improve the platform, and to develop new features.

A glimpse of what’s ahead:

  • The ability to interact with other Joinup users via direct messages, a feature that we’re sure will make your Joinup experience even more conversational;
  • Use of the EU Login service for signing in on Joinup, harmonising your account usage throughout the EC platforms;
  • Access to a dedicated dashboard that will allow you to efficiently manage your subscriptions to any content type supported by the platform.

Furthermore, we will be re-introducing the Joinup federation service that will allow external repository publishers to federate their interoperability assets with Joinup, providing them with extra visibility while, simultaneously, giving Joinup users a richer platform experience. The ADMS-enabled (ADMS-AP v2) federation service will allow publishers to describe their interoperability standards and solutions in a common way, and give them the option to submit these metadata descriptions to Joinup for validation and importing in the platform.   

More than 30.000 visitors a month...

We've come a long way!!

Joinup was launched on 9 December 2011. The platform in 2013 was merged with the ‘’ and ‘’ by combining the services for open source and semantic interoperability. By 2014, a third major platform also developed by the European Commission, the ‘ePractice’, was integrated, as well, to bring together policy makers and practitioners in the fields of eGovernment, eHealth and eInclusion.




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