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Joinup is migrating to the EU Login authentication service

Published on: 08/11/2019
Last update: 10/02/2020


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In our continuous effort to improve Joinup’s user experience, we would like to inform our users of the upcoming migration to the EU Login authentication service. This article provides the necessary information in order for you to understand the implications of this migration to your existing Joinup data, and day-to-day interaction with the platform.

What is EU Login?

As stated on the EU Login’s About page, “EU Login is the European Commission's user authentication service. It allows authorised users to access a wide range of Commission web services, using a single email address and password.”

EU Login Screenshot
Screenshot of the EU Login authentication form

What this means to Joinup users

The integration of Joinup with EU Login brings a robust, highly secure, privacy-wary authentication mechanism to the platform’s users. With only a single account, Joinup users can connect seamlessly to all supported European Commission services and/or systems, including, of course, Joinup.

This transition has been designed to be as effortless as possible for our users. Below, we outline how this process affects existing and new Joinup users.

Existing users

Users with an existing (legacy) Joinup account will be able to sign in and use it until 2nd of March 2020. After this date, the legacy account sign-in option will be deactivated.

In order to avoid any disruption of usage, existing users should use the sign-in option Sign in with EU Login (recommended) which is already available in the Joinup sign-in menu.

Screenshot
Screenshot of Joinup’s sign-in menu with EU Login support

Existing users who use the sign-in option Sign in with EU Login (recommended) will be redirected to a Joinup form in which they can pair their legacy Joinup account (including all relevant existing account data i.e., collection/solution memberships, published content etc.) with their EU Login account.

It should be noted that after signing in on Joinup with their EU Login account, Joinup users will no longer be able to sign in with the legacy account.

New users

New Joinup users will only have the option to sign in with an EU Login account. If such an account is not available, they will have the option to create one.

What happens to existing Joinup users’ data

As mentioned further above (see subsection Existing users for more details), existing (legacy) Joinup accounts can be paired with their EU Login accounts; the process also includes the retention of any existing user data. This guarantees a smooth transition to the new authentication service and, simultaneously, preserves and secures the continuity of Joinup users’ data.

EU Login sign-in help via the Joinup Support Form

With the introduction of the EU Login sign-in option, Joinup users will have the ability to send queries regarding the interaction of Joinup and EU Login via our Joinup Support Form using the category value EU Login question.

More information regarding EU Login

If you wish to learn more about the EU Login authentication service you could check any of the following links:



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