Limited access to SEMIC.EU -…

Limited access to SEMIC.EU - migration to Joinup

Registered users will have limited access to SEMIC.EU as from Friday, 2 December 14:00CET. Between this date and Friday 9 December 14:00 CET, SEMIC.EU will be migrated to Joinup, the new ISA Collaborative platform.

During the migration period, login to SEMIC.EU will be disabled to avoid modification of data and to ensure data integrity. Once the access to SEMIC.EU is frozen, all the content will be copied to Joinup, tested and verified. For most visitors, all read-only content will be available as normal except the downloading of semantic assets from the asset repository, as this would require users to log in.

A similar access freeze will take place on OSOR.

The account and user profile of registered users on SEMIC.EU will also be migrated to Joinup, with the exception of their password. After next week Friday, registered users will receive a new password for their migrated user accounts on Joinup.

With this new online platform, the European Commission's ISA programme aims at combining both SEMIC.EU and OSOR.EU services and providing better integrated collaboration and communication tools for the communities, software, and semantic assets on OSOR and SEMIC. The new name, Joinup, reflects ISA's aim to help public administrations to work together.

A temporary introduction of Joinup is available at One week from now, that site will be replaced by joinup's subdomain at

Visitors are welcome to test the Joinup at, but please note, that all data entered will be deleted before the migration.

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