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New Joinup release (v.1.82.0)

New features: extra video embedding and improved Search engine amongst others (v.1.82.0)

Published on: 19/07/2022
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The latest release of 18 July 2022 (v1.82.0) of the Joinup collaborative platform includes numerous improvements, features, and bug fixes, all adding up to a friendlier and more enhanced user experience. Below we present the most interesting of these newly introduced changes.


Embed videos from more sources

embedded webcast videos


Content creation and sharing is a valuable aspect of the Joinup platform and enabling fluid and diverse posting process is crucial. With the new extension to the Video Embed feature, Joinup now allows users to embed video feeds from the Streaming Service of the European Commission. The goal is to enrich the content creation process, allowing users to present more dynamic and visually rich content.

Search engine repairs…

We implemented a new auto-correct feature in the Search engine to speed up your search process and avoid having misspelled words hinder your results.

auto-correct feature


This feature allows us to offer a more pleasant experience and guide you towards more accurate results. Simply type away and let Joinup auto-correct your text into meaningful keywords that bring up the most relevant search results. Coupled with our Search engine’s auto-suggestion feature – which tries to guess what you are typing – searching on Joinup has never been more exciting.

But that’s not all! You will be thrilled to learn that you can – again – initiate a search from within a collection or solution in order to look up content that only resides in there. This feature has been restored now that our Search engine has entered a more stable mode.

search within a collection Divider

Extending owners' & facilitators’ power to view draft content

With the new release, owners and facilitators can review other members’ content while still in a draft state. Until now, members’ draft content wasn’t viewable by owners and facilitators until it was put in a proposed state. This feature allows facilitators and owners to have a better overview of the content in their collection or solution, and gives them extra flexibility in their publication workflow i.e., allowing them to review content before publication.



Many more improvements, features, and bug fixes are part of this release, adding up to a better user experience of the Joinup platform. Make sure to visit Joinup regularly, to find out about new and interesting things appearing on – or coming to – the platform.

The European Commission’s Joinup platform is developed publicly, and the source code is published on GitLab (a web-based hosting service for software version control) under the European Union Public Licence (EUPL).

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