New Joinup release (v1.87.0)

New features: announcements message & dedicated contact form per Collection/Solution

Published on: 24/11/2022
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Send announcements to members

Owners and facilitators of Collection or Solution can now reach their members by sending them customised announcement messages.

Just click on the three dots menu and select the option “Announcements”.

click on the three dot menu and choose announcements option


Contact the Collection or Solution owner

A user can now contact the Collection/Solution owner via a contact form. The contact form’s link is located in the About page of a Collection/Solution, under the “Contact Information” section.

contact form mockup










Owners or facilitators who have not validated the contact email yet, please follow this procedure to receive a new email validation link:

  • Enter your Collection/Solution, click on the three dots icon at the top right, and select “Edit”;
  • Scroll down to the “Contact information” section and click the “Edit” button of the existing contact entity, change or verify the email address and click on the “Update contact information” button. To complete the process, you must also click on the “Publish” or “Propose” button at the bottom of the page.


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