Overhaul to ensure relevance…

Overhaul to ensure relevance of projects on Joinup

Published on: 03/04/2015

The projects shared on the Joinup collaboration platform are being checked for relevance. Over the past 8 years, Joinup and the original two communities, OSOR and SEMIC, have collected over 4000 software solutions and more than 2000 semantic assets. Some of these projects have meanwhile been replaced by new tools, some moved to different repositories, and others have become obsolete.

“Each month, Joinup is reaching many thousands of users,” says Hans Vanderbeke, one of the Programme Managers at the ISA Programme (Interoperability Solutions for European Public Administrations) responsible for the Joinup collaboration platform. “In December we successfully integrated the ePractice communities, and in March we gave Joinup a fresh look. We are now returning our attention to the quality of the content. Our aim is to provide relevant and useful content, to sustain and encourage our communities.”

We are going over all of the projects, one by one, to check if they are still relevant for public administrations. We will be updating links, and are asking project owners to improve project descriptions. We also expect to be closing down some. We want make sure that Joinup remains relevant for public administrations. We will be removing projects started years ago without having released any code, and tools that were never really aimed at public administrations specifically.

We are also making it easier to communicate the key message about the tool and information shared on Joinup. We are using default questions to help structure the project descriptions. What are the needs addressed by the solution? Who is the target user, and how can the tool be reused by other public administrations? These questions help extract the details that others need to determine the usability of the software or asset.

This template can also be used to rewrite the existing project descriptions. We expect this approach to boost the quality of our services.

Over the past weeks we have also been going over all of Joinup’s communities, to weed out those that are no longer active and those that have lost relevance. We’re happy to report that Joinup now has 46 active communities.