Public Code Directory

Public Code Directory Project Launches

Published on: 26/10/2018

OpenUK, Free Software Foundation Europe, OpusVL and Public Money/Public Code have launched a public code directory.

A curated, distributed and federated directory of code, resources and studies that have been funded by Public Administrations around the world.

What software?

Lately we've noticed that everyone is on the bandwagon of the OSS but because there are thousands of individual developers and companies out there that try to help communities we've decided to create this project the Public Code Directory

The purpose of the software?

As a very basic explanation, the software is here to make our lifes easier and free us from tideous work using pen and paper documentation and never finding what we're looking for.

Where do we find the software?

Software is everywhere around us and in order to be able to make it enter the public mind and to be used as such in the public domain we're finding the software for you. All the software is their creators responsibility and as such we only gather the information automatically and display it for your better use.



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