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Published on: 18/03/2021
Last update: 21/04/2021
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Joinup is turning 10 in 2021. Quite a venerable age in such a fast moving online environment.

What started with joining two communities (open source-inspired OSOR and semantics-driven SEMIC) has turned into a lively platform to share and reuse digital solutions, exchange best practices, and develop communities.

Joinup has been built through the ISA and ISA² Programmes and is now an integral part of the future offerings under the Digital Europe Programme (DEP). To take advantage of the opportunities presented by DEP and better prepare for the future, the Joinup Team has been very active during the past months.

It has become clear from early on that Joinup has to go through a deeper transformation process to adapt to the new digital landscape.

Therefore, we have created the Joinup revamp page which provides the context behind this initiative and which will regularly present the upcoming transformation activities occurring on the platform.

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Check it out now and make sure to bookmark and revisit it frequently!

The Joinup Team