Upcoming platform developments

Joinup publishes the roadmap of the next developments

Published on: 18/01/2018
Last update: 30/01/2018

Joinup constantly aims at improving the quality of its services and of its user experience, to keep the pace with users' expectations.

Over the last months, the Joinup team has continued collecting feedback from users about their expectations of new or enhanced features. Based on such feedback and capitalising on already planned functionalities to be released in the next future, a roadmap has been designed, to steer the future developments of the platform.

The image below displays which features will be released over the next months, and in which part of the year you can expect to see their release. Some of them (above the dotted diagonal line) are improvements of functionalities that are already present in the platform or were present in the previous version of Joinup, some other (below the dotted diagonal line) are new features which have never been so far provided by Joinup. A few upcoming functionalities are displayed in between the two groups, as they encompass both enhanced and totally new features.



A short description of the upcoming features displayed in the picture is provided in the table below.

Feature Description
User tours Interactive tool to support navigation on the main pages and functionalities of the platform.
Discussions Feature allowing to exchange advices, information etc. around a certain topic, involving selected groups of users.
Newsletters Periodic report containing news around the activities of a collection and its policy domains, that is sent by email regularly to its members.
ADMS Importer Feature allowing the massive import of solutions metadata through the ADMS procedure.
Subscriptions Option to receive updates via email or user dashboard whenever new content of interest is published, changed or deleted.
Platform-wide metrics Extended metrics on Joinup visits, users etc.
Invitations Possibility to invite Joinup members and non-registered users to become members of a collection and / or contribute to a solution,
Solution affiliation Displaying a solution in a collection different from the one where it was originally created, as if it was integral part of the new collection as well.
Moderation dashboard

Dashboard allowing massive, more efficient moderation of content

Workflow management Improved, more streamlined processes to create, validate and edit content.
Improved landing page Enhancement of the informational content of the collection landing page.
Bookmark content Selecting content to display in the user’s dashboard for easier later retrieval.
"Load more" function User-friendly way to display further content of a Joinup page, while keeping displayed the first items of the list.
Further customisations

Additional features allowing the personalisation of collection display and structured: for example, possibility for users to create “trees” of custom pages…

EU login Log-in with the unique credentials allowing to access several EC-managed websites, instead of Joinup-specific credentials.
Language selector

Possibility to select the language in which to read a content item, provided that this content item is available in multiple languages

Licence workflow management

Streamlined process to create, validate, edit and delete licences.

Taxonomies management More flexible creation and update of platform taxonomies by moderators instead of site administrators.

The Joinup team is committed to listening all users' feedback. If you have any questions about any of the items on the roadmap, or you want to submit additional future features, you may do so through the contact form, selecting the option "Feature request" in the field "Category".

The team will also keep all users up to date with any changes to the release schedule .