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France publishes version 1 of VITAM archive software


The first stable version of VITAM, an open source software solution to securely manage very large archives, was published by the French government in March. The development is a joint project by the Ministries of Culture and Communication, Foreign Affairs, and Defence.

Version 1.0 of VITAM was unveiled on 22 March, almost exactly three years after the project launch on 9 March 2015.

The VITAM archive solution is intended to support large volumes of documents – petabytes of data – to accommodate large organisations or groups of smaller organisations. Documents are stored in pre-defined standard formats to ensure that they remain accessible over time. VITAM manages the entire life cycle of documents – active, semi-active and inactive – to cover requirements from short-term storage to long-term archiving.

Users of VITAM can create their own user interfaces, with VITAM taking care of the security and availability of the archives.

The image is a logo of the Vitam project, depicting the word Vitam

VITAM is made available as open source, using the Cecill V2.1 license. The software is ready to be installed and run on Debian and CentOS operating systems.

Put to the test

VITAM is also promoted by Adullact, France’s service platform for public sector organisations using open source software solutions. Announcing VITAM, Adullact notes that the software was developed by a team from the Ministries and other organisations including French open source ICT services specialists Smile and Linagora. The open development process included testing by both public and private sector users.

Adullact is one of the partner organisations of the European Commission’s Joinup collaboration portal for eGovernment professionals. In 2015, Adullact was one of the first open source repositories implementing the Asset Description Metadata Schema (ADMS). The ADMS is being developed by the European Commission to improve automated classification of ICT solutions.

More information:

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