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Make your collection of interoperability solutions searchable on Joinup

The ISA Programme of the European Commission invites publishers of interoperability solutions to describe their collections with the Asset Description Metadata Schema Application Profile (ADMS-AP) and list them on Joinup. This happens in 3 easy steps:

  1. First, use the contact form to contact the Joinup federation support team. We will organise a conference call to see how we can best support you.
  2. Describe your interoperability solutions using the  Asset Description Metadata Schema Application Profile (ADMS-AP). On this page there is a list of tools that are available for creating ADMS-AP-conform descriptions.
  3. Propose a federated repository and upload your solution on Joinup. Currently this can only be done manually by clicking on the button "Import description metadata". Alternatively, it is possible to configure a harvest URL.

* Note that Joinup can only ingest ADMS-AP RDF+XML. (Note that it is possible to publish interoperability solutions manually, without using ADMS-AP and RDF).

Available tools

On this page you can find how you can generate ADMS-AP descriptions of your interoperability solutions from a spreadsheet using the RDF extension to Google Refine. This can be done in four steps:

  1. Use the spreadsheet template to describe your interoperability solution;
  2. Import your spreadsheet in Google Refine;
  3. Add the pre-defined mappings using the Google Refine RDF extension; and
  4. Export to RDF using the Google Refine RDF extension.

Online training service

We are providing you with a catalog of online training material n order to:

  • describe your solution with the ADMS-AP; and
  • share your solution on Joinup
You can reach our training material here

Submit your questions

If you have any questions or need support for using, joining or any other matter relating to sharing and reusing interoperability solutions on Joinup, please use the contact form. A dedicated team is ready to support you and will contact you as soon as possible.