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About Interministerial web conferencing

The interministerial web conferencing platform is a set of interconnected applications mainly based on the open source and WebRTC-compatible Jitsi project. It allows the officials of the French state to create and join online meetings directly from a web browser and it includes many features such as screen sharing, collaborative real-time documents editing and instant messaging. Furthermore, this platform is compliant with both GDPR rules and the French information system security policy, and most importantly, the security of data and audio/video exchanges has been approved by the National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI).

This web conferencing platform allows the French state to develop collaborative work within its offices and departments, to ease cooperation between state offices and other public services and to improve the relationship within the French public services, citizens, firms and all civil organizations.

Today, the ministry of the Ecological and Inclusive Transition and its long-term partner APITECH who has always been in charge of developing and maintaining this project, have successfully made it public and available to all our external partners and organisations by developing new applications and modules in addition to the ones provided by Jitsi. Moreover, these new applications help strengthen the security of the platform by granting the right of creating online meetings only to French ministries officials.

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Direction Interministérielle du Numérique et du Système d'Information et de Communication de l'État
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