Joinup 1.57.0

1 year ago

New features

  • ISAICP-2242: Collection content subscription. Including: ISAICP-5830, ISAICP-5735, ISAICP-5715, ISAICP-5714, ISAICP-5674, ISAICP-5668, ISAICP-5643, ISAICP-5607, ISAICP-5573, ISAICP-5571, ISAICP-5552, ISAICP-5517, ISAICP-5512, ISAICP-5511, ISAICP-5448, ISAICP-5447, ISAICP-5437, ISAICP-5436, ISAICP-5395, ISAICP-5385, ISAICP-5384, ISAICP-5382, ISAICP-5378, ISAICP-5369, ISAICP-5368, ISAICP-5365, ISAICP-5364, ISAICP-5358, ISAICP-5288, ISAICP-5268, ISAICP-5265, ISAICP-5264, ISAICP-5254, ISAICP-5243, ISAICP-5210, ISAICP-5095, ISAICP-5089, ISAICP-4980, ISAICP-4867, ISAICP-4866, ISAICP-4860, ISAICP-4785, ISAICP-4723, ISAICP-4657, ISAICP-4612, ISAICP-4602, ISAICP-4601, ISAICP-4457, ISAICP-4310, ISAICP-4309, ISAICP-4273, ISAICP-4254, ISAICP-4220, ISAICP-4218, ISAICP-4217, ISAICP-4202, ISAICP-4187, ISAICP-4111, ISAICP-3512, ISAICP-3341, ISAICP-2243.
  • ISAICP-4901: New Advanced Search. Including: ISAICP-5856, ISAICP-5704, ISAICP-5686, ISAICP-5634, ISAICP-5622, ISAICP-5619, ISAICP-5615, ISAICP-5553, ISAICP-5187, ISAICP-5085, ISAICP-5084, ISAICP-5080, ISAICP-5068, ISAICP-4906, ISAICP-4905, ISAICP-4904, ISAICP-4859.
  • ISAICP-5767: UX improvements for the new advanced search. Including: ISAICP-5751, ISAICP-5765, ISAICP-5779.
  • ISAICP-5524: Disable Drupal authentication. Including: ISAICP-5770, ISAICP-5761, ISAICP-5760, ISAICP-5759, ISAICP-5689, ISAICP-5506, ISAICP-5488.


  • ISAICP-5848: Find out where DS is used and try to disable it
  • ISAICP-5836: Fix config diffs
  • ISAICP-5734: Reduce the Behat testing time
  • ISAICP-5722: Switch from Drupal Project to core official composer template
  • ISAICP-5699: Improve explanatory statements for the add/edit news form
  • ISAICP-5685: Improve the URL of content shared on social media
  • ISAICP-5667: Classify Contact Information as mandatory fields in Collection form page
  • ISAICP-5662: Improve TCA for collection creation
  • ISAICP-5657: Improving date display for Events, Documents, News and Discussion
  • ISAICP-5656: Apply actions for Joinup Federation Support account
  • ISAICP-5639: Improve button for eLibrary creation in collection form page
  • ISAICP-5631: Add an 'External' button for content in 'solution/example/releases'
  • ISAICP-5567: Wording refinement for the sharing content feature

Bug fixes

  • ISAICP-5857: Deprecation error trigger not muted
  • ISAICP-5853: "Remove 'Tallinn reports' filter from the new advanced search dashboard
  • ISAICP-5851: Unused service creates container error
  • ISAICP-5831: EU Login test fail randomly on ContinuousPHP
  • ISAICP-5819: Cookie Consent Kit test stopped working
  • ISAICP-5818: Regression: Proposed news/event logo cannot be removed
  • ISAICP-5817: UAT cannot work with Virtuoso
  • ISAICP-5815: Regression bug for functional process: moderators cannot edit the support menu items
  • ISAICP-5678: Identify and rectify the entities that have not been updated with URL aliases


  • ISAICP-3966: Post-migration operations