Dear users, a new Joinup release will be deployed today at 5.00 PM CET and will require a downtime of 60 minutes. Please adjust your use of the platform accordingly during this time-frame.

Joinup 1.63.0

9 months ago

New features

  • ISAICP-6017: EIF Toolbox, including: ISAICP-6112, ISAICP-6013, ISAICP-6014, ISAICP-6011, ISAICP-6012, ISAICP-6010, ISAICP-6009,
  • ISAICP-6085: Notification feature
  • ISAICP-6008: Collection glossary, including: ISAICP-6072, ISAICP-6074, ISAICP-6109


  • ISAICP-6115: Allow usage of SparqlGraphStoreTrait::createGraphStore() in procedural code
  • ISAICP-6076: Allow HTML image maps in input filter
  • ISAICP-5707: Improve search bar visibility
  • ISAICP-4698: Notification when an admin updates a user profile has a confusing implementation

Bug fixes

  • ISAICP-6148: Error when deploying to UAT
  • ISAICP-6138: EIF: word 'openness' is not written correctly (openess) in the EIF_as_LOD_final file
  • ISAICP-6108: Random failing test "Frozen Barbershop"
  • ISAICP-6107: Fatal errors when a collection where content being pinned is deleted
  • ISAICP-6103: Warnings and errors during clean build
  • ISAICP-5745: Date on news is incorrect
  • ISAICP-5629: Window width distorts author name in news/document/event/discussion edit form