Joinup 1.66.0

9 months ago

New features

  • ISAICP-6158: Thread comments. Includes: ISAICP-6181, ISAICP-6081, ISAICP-6180, ISAICP-6182, ISAICP-6159, FRONT-1805.


  • ISAICP-5627: Display personalised icons for each attachment file format.
  • ISAICP-5737: Re-order the user edit form.
  • ISAICP-6005: Improve the layout of comments.
  • ISAICP-6099: 'Last update' time should be preserved when content is (un)featured.
  • ISAICP-6232: Delete option should be available only for moderators, when a solution is in a proposed state.

Content management

  • ISAICP-6221: Update EIRA taxonomy.

Bug fixes

  • ISAICP-6280: URL redirects still fail in about pages.
  • ISAICP-6295: Fix role list for adding a members to solutions.
  • ISAICP-6303: 'Moderate content' does not display proposed content for collection owners/facilitators.
  • ISAICP-6315: Solution type terms are not available in edit form.
  • ISAICP-6317: New owner lacks important functionality after ownership transfer.


  • ISAICP-3913: Remove demo user and content modules.
  • ISAICP-6071: Adopt the Drush hook_deploy() workflow.