Joinup 1.67.0

7 months ago


  • ISAICP-3831: Review all custom access policies and switch from role to permission based
  • ISAICP-5731: Move the 'Download releases' link classes in theme
  • ISAICP-5806: Address code duplication between WorkflowStatePermission plugins
  • ISAICP-5913: ISA² link in homepage to open in a new tab
  • ISAICP-5985: Move collection_solution_count() into solution.module
  • ISAICP-6154: Rework workflow transitions to be permission based rather than role based

Bug fixes

  • ISAICP-6324: Glossary feature breaks when a specific character is used
  • ISAICP-5669: Group size warning message shown to unauthenticated users
  • ISAICP-5912: Saved as draft releases
  • ISAICP-6291: Remove the obsolete fields for site wide featured content
  • ISAICP-6320: Remove obsolete methods in JoinupGroupHelper
  • ISAICP-6337: Published glossary terms are showing in the "unpublished content" moderator area


  • ISAICP-6339: Fix Drupal core vulnerability SA-CORE-2021-001


  • ISAICP-6119: More than 2 millions honeypot records in key_value_expire table