Joinup 1.69.0

9 months ago

New features

  • ISAICP-5749: Image Library Widget available for all community content.
  • ISAICP-5772: Style the image library browser.
  • ISAICP-5880, ISAICP-6377: Migrate custom page content listing to content listing paragraph type.
  • ISAICP-5951: New Joinup reporting entry: Export subscription information.
  • ISAICP-6273, ISAICP-6357, ISAICP-6358: Webtools eTranslation EPIC. Allow users to translate content.
  • ISAICP-6329: Notice/banner for old Joinup content.
  • ISAICP-6350: New setting for the glossary functionality: highlight only the first instance.
  • ISAICP-6359: Allow users to share content between solutions.


  • ISAICP-5935: Remove stale tables from the database.
  • ISAICP-5958: Short ID - Update URLs when the value is updated.
  • ISAICP-5963: JSON-LD is query result instead of graph.
  • ISAICP-6037: Move changelog command outside Task Runner.
  • ISAICP-6278: Enable notification frequency on one page for both Collection and Solution.
  • ISAICP-6313: Hide daterange filter when facet is empty.
  • ISAICP-6348: Index/Created publication dates for RDF entities.
  • ISAICP-6371: Style the paragraph content listings.
  • ISAICP-6393: Split out the published date interface/trait from ISAICP-6348.

Bug fixes

  • ISAICP-5906: SPDX step is not active for 'EU Semantic Interoperability Catalogue' pipeline.
  • ISAICP-6373: Fix glossary settings link.
  • ISAICP-6429: HOTFIX: Visual regression on members page.
  • ISAICP-6449: Bug on creating new document when filling only the date but not the time