Joinup 1.70.0

1 year ago


New features

  • ISAICP-6122: Allow text styling and links in the collection abstract #2441
  • ISAICP-6139: Show the solution or release a distribution belongs to in the distribution download report #2436
  • ISAICP-6178: Documents can now have an image that will be shown in tiles #2437
  • ISAICP-6222: Show a dialog with information about member permissions #2432
  • ISAICP-6321: Show content creators and facilitators the revisions (edit history) of their content #2407
  • ISAICP-6354: Show the content type underneath the main title for community content: discussion, document, event, news #2434
  • ISAICP-6355: Allow facilitators to include maps in custom pages #2442

Bug fixes

  • ISAICP-6194: Don't send out unnecessary notifications when a collection or solution is deleted #2431
  • ISAICP-6274: Prevent 'Pin to front page' from appearing on the wrong tiles in the About page #2424
  • ISAICP-6416: Terms with a '/' in the name do not redirect properly #2423
  • ISAICP-6422: Pin/Unpin and Feature/Unfeature stop working after logging out and back in #2426
  • Fix random test failure when a brief 1 second delay occurs between the moment content is created and when it is published #2440
  • Fix division by zero error in deploy hook #2448


  • ISAICP-6242: Support the NOT EXISTS clause in SPARQL queries for open data #2435
  • ISAICP-6351: Improve styling of accordion headers #2444
  • ISAICP-6411: Clean up obsolete update code #2433
  • ISAICP-6413: Improve styling of the outdated content label #2439
  • ISAICP-6423: Update dependencies #2447