Joinup 1.71.0

1 year ago


  • ISAICP-6512: Fix security vulnerabilities in npm packages Lodash and Hosted-git-info 82c03eb
  • ISAICP-6515: Fix security vulnerabilities in CTools and Facets modules #2473

New features

  • ISAICP-6399: Users can now subscribe to distributions and releases in solutions #2443
  • ISAICP-6408: Show draft releases in the "My unpublished content" section #2446

Bug fixes

  • ISAICP-4280: Avoid unnecessary full cache clear in content type facet test #2464
  • ISAICP-6493: Solution shows fatal error after being moved to a different collection #2459


  • ISAICP-5572: Joinup Privacy has been replaced by EU Cookie Consent #2465
  • ISAICP-6345: Document legacy behaviours in form JavaScript #2460
  • ISAICP-6431: Rename "Policy domains" to "Topics" #2449