Joinup 1.74.0

9 months ago

New features

  • ISAICP-6312: Moderation process for discussion items in Collections/Solutions.
  • ISAICP-6444: Comment reply notification.
  • ISAICP-6445: Add permalinks to comments.
  • ISAICP-6446: Add images to comments.
  • ISAICP-6531: Add text to the Contact form.


  • ISAICP-6346: Preselect vertical tab from URL fragment.
  • ISAICP-6451: Remove "View" option from the 3-dot menu.
  • ISAICP-6453: Allow custom page title duplication.
  • ISAICP-6466: Pages are too narrow due to incorrect settings for Facet blocks
  • ISAICP-6563: Disable bullet/numbered lists and block quote from the Abstract's toolbar.


  • ISAICP-6637: Moderators cannot edit collection's abstract field.
  • ISAICP-6050: Error: Non-static method SubscribeToCollectionForm::confirmSubscription() should not be called statically.
  • ISAICP-6414: Security issue: users should not be able to edit / delete content after being blocked or removed from a collection / solution.