Joinup 1.78.0

1 year ago

New features

  • ISAICP-6572: Advanced search 2021: Full advanced search page revamp. Includes: ISAICP-6573, ISAICP-6574, ISAICP-6575, ISAICP-6576, ISAICP-6577, ISAICP-6578, ISAICP-6579, ISAICP-6580, ISAICP-6581, ISAICP-6582, ISAICP-6583, ISAICP-6584, ISAICP-6585, ISAICP-6601, ISAICP-6602, ISAICP-6603, ISAICP-6604, ISAICP-6605, ISAICP-6606, ISAICP-6607, ISAICP-6688, ISAICP-6729, ISAICP-6779, ISAICP-6792, ISAICP-6846, ISAICP-6850, ISAICP-6851, ISAICP-6853, ISAICP-6879, ISAICP-6880, ISAICP-6881, ISAICP-6882, ISAICP-6883, ISAICP-6884, ISAICP-6886, ISAICP-6917, ISAICP-6927.

UI, UX, Accessibility

  • ISAICP-6802: Include the EU favicon in the new theme
  • ISAICP-6840: Make the new navbar sticky in all platform
  • ISAICP-6854: 'Read more' button in explore block is not displayed as expected
  • ISAICP-6870: Global a11y: improve contrast


  • ISAICP-6660: Refactor joinup_eulogin.eulogin
  • ISAICP-6777: Sort licences alphabetically
  • ISAICP-6816: Update Organic Groups to the latest alpha, beta or stable version
  • ISAICP-6817: Uninstall matomo module
  • ISAICP-6849: No logs on local & pipeline environments
  • ISAICP-6862: Quick fix: disable first tour balloon on the homepage
  • ISAICP-6874: Global performance: create tailored sprite
  • ISAICP-6877: Unify logo loaded
  • ISAICP-6888: Global SEO: add OpenGraph type: website
  • ISAICP-6898: Replace privacy statement PDF link with custom page
  • ISAICP-6900: Remove 'Contact Interoperable Europe' link in footer
  • ISAICP-6907: Post-release cleanup
  • ISAICP-6915: Configure rollback in case of deployment failure
  • ISAICP-6920: Add new entry to the Support Contact Form's 'Category' field
  • ISAICP-6922: Speed up the password policy update
  • ISAICP-6923: Fixes for the status report on deployment.


  • ISAICP-6908: Re-enable testing for SPARQL Entity Storage

Bug fixes

  • ISAICP-5723: Caching issue in sending digests
  • ISAICP-6252: URL prefixed with /data and no entity should return 404, not exception
  • ISAICP-6814: Status Report page crashes if Matomo returns 403
  • ISAICP-6858: Matomo token is publicly visible
  • ISAICP-6871: The toolkit:build-dist command fails on macOS
  • ISAICP-6873: Unblock Footer menus
  • ISAICP-6895: Don't run ACC tasks on demo environments
  • ISAICP-6912: Visual regression on the homepage