Joinup 1.81.0

3 months ago


  • ISAICP-7085: Reorganize frontend assets
  • ISAICP-7082: Convert Drupal modals to Boostrap modals
  • ISAICP-7042: Convert solution and collection Edit forms to Ventuno
  • ISAICP-7037: Unintended behaviour for Numbered/Bullet list
  • ISAICP-6967: Convert legal document to Ventuno
  • ISAICP-6962: Convert 404page to Ventuno
  • ISAICP-6609: Change background colour for the quote container.
  • ISAICP-6608: Improve/ align hyperlink styling in Accordion


  • ISAICP-7126: Update OEBT to v1.0.0-beta1
  • ISAICP-7070: Depend on drupal/core-recommended instead of drupal/core
  • ISAICP-7013: Remove deprecated Twig spaceless tag
  • ISAICP-6973: Update oe_bootstrap_theme to latest version
  • ISAICP-6965: Re-implement custom email validation in contact form
  • ISAICP-5796: Create a token for the site icon

Bug fixes

  • ISAICP-7155: Suddenly, a lot of tests are failing
  • ISAICP-7148: Upstream patch does not apply anymore.
  • ISAICP-7089: MySQL permission issues in pipeline
  • ISAICP-7079: MySQL dump changed directories but docker was not updated
  • ISAICP-7040: Adding a content listing filter resets existing filter choices
  • ISAICP-7015: The 'classy/messages' library is not defined
  • ISAICP-6855: 1st balloon of 'Guided tour' points out the wrong spot


  • ISAICP-7108: Run Drupal Rector (1st pass)
  • ISAICP-7074: Show PHPUnit tests with testdox
  • ISAICP-6928: Restore automated testing for the RDF Entity module
  • ISAICP-6731: Test timezone & DST issues