User testimonials

Joinup always strives to cater for its users, empowering them with a robust online presence and versatile toolset that enables them to create, support and disseminate their digital government projects/activities. In return, our users have frequently shown their gratitude by sending us praises regarding their use of the Joinup platform. Below, we provide a selection of these testimonials.

 Max - IOPE IOPE Logo

Maximillian Strotmann, Deputy Head of Unit - DIGIT.D.2

ℹ Read Max's full Joinup interview here.

Joinup is an open source tool and an open platform by design. And this is a good image for the nature of what we want to do with Interoperable Europe, because it needs to be open, transparent, and collaborative by design. Likewise, if we don’t make Europe open, interoperable, collaborative by design then it will not work. Joinup provides the proper basis to make this happen. Joinup is not only an open tool, but also a reusable tool itself.

Sara - AMA AMA Logo

Sara Carrasqueiro, Member of the Portuguese Administrative Modernization Agency's (AMA) Board of Directors

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[...] We believe [Joinup] to be a valuable knowledge-sharing platform among Member States. [...] I try to get my teams to consult Joinup regularly to keep themselves updated, as cross-border collaboration is more and more fundamental for European prosperity.

Elena Munoz CTT logo

Elena Muñoz, Head of Telematics Systems Area within the General Secretariat of Digital Administration at the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function, and tech lead of Spain’s Technology Transfer Centre (CTT)

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“Federation with Joinup was the best way to increase visibility of our solutions.”

 Francesca Bria Ajuntament logo

Francesca Bria, former Chief Technology and Digital Innovation Officer​ of Barcelona City Council

ℹ Read Francesca's full Joinup interview here.

“Joinup, the ideal dissemination platform for our open source solutions.”

Danica Saponja NIO logo

Danica Saponja, Editor-in-Chief of the NIO portal in Slovenia

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“We think Joinup allows us to give additional exposure to the solutions developed in Slovenia and to raise interest among other Member States.”

 Kustor BMDW Logo

Peter Kustor, head of Department for Digital and E-Government – Legal, Strategic and International Affairs at Austria’s Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs

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Joinup, the European Commission’s community of practice on government digitalisation, offers an important collection of best practices, tools and reusable ICT solutions, making it an essential instrument for joint efforts and successes by European Union Member States.

Daniel SV Logo

Daniel Melin, Senior Procurement Officer - ICT, Swedish National Procurement Services

Increasing the use of Open Source Software and Open Standards within the public administrations automatically lowers the barrier to entry for everyone, particularly SME, and creates a better playing field for everyone. Interoperability and cross-border solutions are foremost a solution for increased transparency, open government and democracy. Joinup is the perfect tool for this.

Miguel NIFO logo

Miguel Alvarez Rodriguez, EC Project Officer for NIFO

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Joinup is the main portal and technical platform hosting all sorts of open source and reusable solutions in Europe, enabling digital services, and is one of the flagships of the ISA² Programme. It also hosts the EIF Observatory (NIFO).

Chris EASME logo

Christoforos Korakas, Senior IT Projects Advisor EASME A2 / EIC Task Force

ℹ Read Christoforos' full Joinup interview here.

Looking at Joinup it struck me that most of the functionality we needed was there. It was more a matter of rebranding the features, deploying a copy of the tool and migrating key data.

Mihai - OP OP Logo

Mihai Paunescu, semantic data consultant with the Publications Office of the European Union (OP)

ℹ Read Mihai's & the OP's full Joinup interview here.

We use Joinup to raise awareness of what we are doing and although the OP already has a big name in the European Institutions ecosystem, it needs more visibility to allow people to profit from its capabilities.

Monika COVID-19 Collection logo

Monika Sowinska, Project Officer from DG DIGIT’s Interoperability Unit

ℹ Read Monika's full Joinup interview here.

Joinup serves as a common platform that allows different stakeholders – public administrations, businesses, and citizens – to share and reuse IT solutions and to publish their stories and good practices. It is meant to assist in communication and collaboration on IT projects across Europe and beyond. So this is exactly what our initiative is about!

Fragkou SEMIC logo

Pavlina Fragkou, EC Project Officer for SEMIC

ℹ Read Pavlina's full Joinup interview here.

Thanks to Joinup, we can consolidate all our assets, the knowledge generated and our specifications, in one single platform. Also, Joinup is our canonical repository which grants stability and confidence to our community.


The LEOS Team

ℹ Read the LEOS Team's full Joinup interview here.

Joinup [is] a precious collaborative platform to build a solid community. [...] It keeps evolving and is a precious tool for us. Having a dedicated place for a community and our solutions definitely helps us. We use the platform to publish our releases together with useful documentation. It is the ideal channel to reach our potential users and start a conversation with them.


Raúl Mario Abril Jiménez, EC Project Officer for EIRA

ℹ Read Raúl's full Joinup interview here.

Joinup is the channel that we chose for sharing our solution. Its importance is critical to us: it is the only place from which EIRA is available. And if you propose a state-of-the-art solution, you better share it!

Marijke Salters ICTU logo

Marijke Salters, Senior advisor at ICTU, Netherlands

[Joinup] considerably helped to spread the information. It is easy to use [...] and can help cross-border communication.