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@ Trew is a processing engine created within the project w @ NDA as a tool for handling administrative procedures for the administration of the Junta de Andalucía (administrative workflow management). It is the component handles That That procedure involves support for one or more users according to rules established businesses. These rules allow treatment phases, tasks, user profiles, etc. ie everything related to the management of administrative files of type year .; ; W @ nda The project's main objective is the creation of a homogeneous framework of labor for processing records for administrative procedures for the administration of the Junta de Andalucía. The objective of this component is to have processing tools for processing files and allow the NEEDS of control and automation of administrative procedures by Incorporating a prior definition of a structured and sequential phases and transitions set to run by individual actors Involved in the process, besides meeting That the standards allow integration with other elements That make eGovernment platforms in the Andalusian .; ; More information: https://ws024.juntadeandalucia.es/ae/adminelec/areatecnica/trewa

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La Junta de Andalucia
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