The common knowledge platform of the German police forces (EXTRAPOL.DE)

Published on: 03/02/2006
EXTRAPOL.DE is a platform for knowledge and co-operation based on Internet technologies which is spanning Federal police and Federal State police forces and into which selected content and areas of the Intranet of the participating organizations (all of the Federal police and Federal State police forces as well as the customs criminality forces) will be submitted. Through its Federation and Federal State spanning character it is the first of its kind within the administration in Germany. EXTRAPOL.DE places the complete police knowledge nationally at the disposal of all the employees of the German police forces. The medium improves the information, communication and cooperation between the German police forces, it organises their information exchange in a faster and more effective way and promotes synergy effects, for example through the so-called ?one for all? principle in the course of the design and operation of EDV applications.

Main results, benefits and impacts


Return on investment

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Lessons learnt

- Scope: Local (city or municipality)