eJustice Point of Access (eJPA)

Published on: 06/10/2005
eJPA is an enabling infrastructure implemented by the Ministry of Justice in Italy. Its implementation allows interaction between citizens, businesses and other national public agencies with the services provided by the Justice Administration (eJustice services) to take place in a secure, standard and consistent way. eJustice is a key component for European competitiveness: Currently, issues relating to justice are usually subject to processes that lead to lengthy proceedings, and there is often interoperability between different national justice systems. These factors are major barriers to European integration and to the social and economic development of European countries. Using the internet and making documents and information available on-line in a secure and user-friendly environment will improve the overall performance and efficiency of the procedures of the justice system. eJPA can be considered a gateway through which a party (private or public, citizens or businesses) can interact electronically with Justice, dramatically reducing the time and costs needed to perform a specific task. For example, lawyers either directly or using intermediaries such as their Council of Lawyers? Associations (?Consiglio dell?Ordine degli Avvocati?) can connect to eJPA anywhere and anytime, and can submit, query and retrieve legal documents, sentences and records of a trial. Citizens can use eJPA services with confidence when message routing is needed to forward documents between different District Courts. Finally, eJPA can enable eCooperation with the Ministry of Interior for investigative purposes or with the Ministry of Finance for legal issues relating to tax registrations.

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