EU: Proceedings of the ICT4Justice Conference 2009

Published on: 13/05/2010
Last update: 19/05/2010

Description (short summary):
ICT4JUSTICE 2009 was the second international conference about ICT technologies for civil and criminal justice. The conference, endorsed by the European Commission and by the government of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, presented best practices from Ministries of Justice, the European Commission and relevant industrial and research players in the field of eJustice. The conference had a wide participation of Justice stakeholders and international organisations, with a relevant coverage by media in the Western Balkans area.

The ICT4JUSTICE conference series aims to foster the experience exchange in the context of establishment and enhancement of the national eJustice systems, and more specifically to share different experiences on portals, integration, applications, and examples of good practices as well as to present the world’s latest trends in the eJustice sector and the related oriented services.

The conference made it possible to:

  • Share experience in increasing the efficiency of national judicial systems and corresponding trends in the world;
  • Explore the possibilities for integration of eJustice services and systems at an EU level;
  • Present the most advanced ICT-supported legal services to citizens, the public sector and business, and share experience in managing legal information (eLaw);
  • Analyse issues such as privacy, information security, non repudiation, and long term archiving of legal documents.

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