Multiplatform web for the Italian National Police (3MsPOLICE)

Published on: 11/06/2007
The official websites of the Polizia di Stato – Italian National Police have a multifaceted mission: institutional communication, information and services to citizens, media professionals and the police community. Besides informing visitors about the organization of the Polizia di Stato, our websites offer a wide range of services. Thanks to advanced technologies and multimedia convergence, conventional web contents are being integrated with new ones in full compliance with W3C standards and Creative Commons licencing.

Policy Context and are the official websites of the Italian Police (Polizia di Stato), which belongs to the Dipartimento della Pubblica Sicurezza within the Ministero dell'Interno. They are thoroughly regulated by Italian and EU legislation on IT and on public and institutional communication.

Description of target users and groups

All Italian and foreign citizens who need information and tips about police-related activities and services. Over the last few years our commitment has been acknowledged by both visitors (over 9 million with 500 million clicks in 2006) and web experts.

Description of the way to implement the initiative

Our management approach includes the following phases: study - analysis - planning - development -Implementation. Multi-channel issues: Audio-video podcast contents (I-POL and EU-POL) are available offline on MP3/MP4 players like iPod and online. InfoMobile contents are available offline on a wide range of mobile phones. Many videos were made in various formats also for broadcasting purposes as press/media service. offers the possibility to stay online with mobile phones.

Main results, benefits and impacts

Over the last few years our commitment has been acknowledged by both visitors (over 9 million with 500 clicks in 2006) and web experts have mentioned our website on a number of occasions as a successfull example of public communication, also with reference to W3C standards and Creative Commons licencing. Our free podcast "I-POL" has been ranking first in the i-Tunes (Italy store) list in the government &organization category since it was launched. Innovation: • - developed for mobile devices; •Denuncia via web – a service to file theft and loss complaints online; •Downloadable Google Earth and GPS points of interest to locate Italian police stations; •Online forums with experts answering users’ questions and dealing with specific issues of public interest; •I-POL – the Polizia di Stato audio/video podcast, developed in-house and ranking first in the i-Tunes list among government & organizations podcasts; •A Kid’s area – with educational cartoons set in an interactive virtual town where children can play and learn; •English by a click – an e-learning initiative, providing mostly police-related articles in English commented on with grammar, pronunciation, translation tips, plus multimedia files and exercises (developed for police officers, but available to all); •EU-POL – the EU version of I-POL, also acting as international press service for police-related matters; •Reference material, such as codes and regulations, made available also for mobile devices; •MyVoice plugin reading selected portions of text on the screen in a synthesized voice.

Return on investment

Return on investment: Not applicable / Not available

Track record of sharing

We cooperate with other European police web services for information sharing and identification of best practices in view of the publication of law enforcement-related contents having an international scope.

Lessons learnt

Enhancement and exploitation of internal resources; Multimedia/multiplatform/multilingual approach provides the possibility to reach a larger number of users; Cooperation with other institutions also at EU level. Scope: International