City.Risks test scenarios

Pilot tests in real environment for the City.Risks project

Published on: 26/10/2019


Test of pilot scenarios in Rome and Sofia

The City.Risks consortium has organised two test sessions (short pilot) in Rome and Sofia to check the functionalities of the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) vi in real environments.

The pilot in Rome took place on December 16th, 2107, in the area of the Circo Massimo and in the Aventino residential area. A small group of citizens was involved in the test, together with representatives of the Municipal Police and some members of the Consortium. The Operation Centre was established at the Municipal Police headquarters and available functionalities were managed by ICCS representative. Three different groups were appointed on the field: the robbed, the robbers and the policemen, while the members of the consortium were acting as City.Risks activists. voThe first group was equipped with some BLE sensors, previously registered on their smartphones and started wandering around in the area. After a while, they were approached by the "robbers", who grabbed the BLE tag and moved fastly away. The theft was reported to the Operation centre, who activated the stolen tag so that they could be tracked by the activists' smartphones. The information was then available to the Operation centre's monitors and eventually the policemen were alerted via their walkie talkie scanner and could "arrest" the robbers and retrieve the stolen tags. A similar scenario was replicated in the Aventino residential area, to simulate the effect of blocking buildings on the BLE signal: once again the robbers were arrested and stolen tags retrieved.

The pilot in Sofia took place on February 22nd, 2018 and was organised inside the shopping centre The Mall. Again some citizens were involved and acted not only as robbers and robbed, but also as activists. Three gateways were placed in different locations inside the mall, to detect the robbers carrying the stolen tags. The pilot gave the opportunity to test the "stolen item" scenario indoor, but also to put in place the "look for a witness" scenario and the "report event information" scenario, based on the use of the City.Risks app. The information and feedback collected in the two pilot events will be used by the consortium to improve technical functionalities in view of the conclusion of the project.


Preparation of the pilot test in Rome.

Preparing the pilot in Rome.


The gateway placed in the shopping centre in Sofia.

The gateway placed in the mall in Sofia.