Malta to unveil web service f…

Malta to unveil web service for judicial letters

Published on: 15/06/2016

At the end of June, the government of Malta will unveil an eGovernment service that lets lawyers and legal prosecutors present judicial letters to the courts 24/7. The system will also offer electronic payment of registration fees.

The web service is being developed by Malta’s Information Technology Agency (MITA).

“(This) is another step forward in the attainment of a Digital Court and forms part of an electronic strategy to bring the Courts online”, MITA said in a statement on 6 June. The new service is part of the justice reform programme and the Digital Malta Strategy, MITA added.

In Malta, judicial letters ensure persons maintain their legal rights, for example to make sure a party is informed that it is liable for damages, or to request payment of debts.

A legal web

Other European countries are working on similar electronic services. In January, Spain’s LexNet, an information exchange for courts and legal professionals, was made the preferred means of communication for the court system. The system is now the default tool for the submission of documents, the transfer of copies and for communication between courts, tribunals, prosecutors, lawyers and other legal professionals.


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