Spain expands its electronic…

Spain expands its electronic Judicial network

Published on: 22/01/2016
LexNet now default option for courts, prosecutors and lawyers

Since 1 January, Spain’s LexNet, an information exchange for courts and legal professionals, is now the preferred means of communication for the court system. A law adopted in November makes LexNet the default tool for the “submission of documents, the transfer of copies and for communication between courts, tribunals, prosecutors, lawyers and other legal professionals.”

The law also stipulates that starting in 2017, LexNet is to be the default tool for notaries, registrars and state security forces when communicating with the judiciary. The law also prepares the way for citizens to use the system to receive email or phone text alerts about legal documents.

LexNet is a platform for the secure exchange of information and legal documents with Spain’s courts. Development of the platform began in 2004, and, according to the Ministry of Justice, it is now as common a tool as the telephone or email for legal professionals. The system now connects over 3500 courts and has over 52,000 users.

Legal network

The platform is speeding up communication in the court system, and is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The system helps to reduce the need to travel to courts and other offices for the filing of documents, and is also doing away with costs and time involved in sending forms via post.

The use of LexNet is supported by two other laws. A 2003 law on digital signatures prepared the way for use of the system, and a law in 2007 makes LexNet the telecommunication system that is to be implemented for Spain’s justice system.

LexNet includes links to the European eJustice system e-CODEX, a similar information exchange that aims to connect judiciary systems across 24 countries, mostly EU Member States, and Norway and Turkey.


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