Different ways to configure LEOS

Published on: 27/06/2019
Last update: 01/08/2019
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LEOS facilitates efficient online collaboration between legislation drafters. To store the drafts, LEOS uses a document management solution based on CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services), an OASIS standard enabling information sharing between different Content Management Systems.

CMIS standard defines a domain model and set of bindings that include Web Services and ReSTful AtomPub that can be used by applications to work with one or more Content Management repositories/systems and has different implementations available. LEOS has two types of implementations:

  • OpenCMIS InMemory Repository,
  • ISA2 Open CMIS Repo.

OpenCMIS InMemory Repository

The OpenCMIS In-Memory Repository is an implementation of a CMIS repository that holds content and metadata in memory. It has been created for testing purpose and should not be used in production mostly because all data stored in the repository is lost after each restart. .

Having this implementation integrated in our release package, we hope to help any potential users to get a feeling of how LEOS looks like and what it can do.

LEOS installation










Please take into account that some IT knowledge may be required to set up prerequisites and run the demo. Make sure to have all the prerequisites up and running, download the release, unzip it and run the “run-all.bat” file. For more information on how to run the demo please check the README.txt

ISA² Open CMIS Repo

In order to deliver a version fit for production, it is possible to integrate LEOS with the ISA² Open CMIS Repo available here.

CMIS Repo is an implementation of the CMIS open standard for document management. It can be used as the backend server for any document or content management application, and provides the basic features needed, such as authentication, ACL management, filing, etc. It currently implements versions 1.0 and 1.1 of the standard, and is fully functional.

For more information on how integrate ISA² Open CMIS with LEOS, please read this document.

The same document can be found in our release package \docs\CMIS Open Source\LEOS-CMISOpenSource-v1.0.0.pdf


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