LEOS-Pilot 2.1.0

3 years ago

About LEOS

LEOS is a software that was created under ISA² Action 2016.38 Legislation Interoperability Tools - LegIT to address the need of the public administration and European Institutions to generate draft legislation in a legal XML format.

It is a legislation editor and this current prototype supports the drafting of the 'secondary' legislation of the EU law which has to be adopted under the Ordinary Legislative Procedure. Therefore, it covers the writing of Proposals for Directive, Decision and Regulation submitted by the Commission to the Council and the Parliament. If you want to find out more about this procedure, please read the European Parliament's article.

Given the high diversity of legislative traditions encountered across the Union and the different levels of modernisation, it was extremely difficult to provide a universal single turnkey ICT solution that adapts to each specific context. Even if a significant part of the business logic can be found embedded in the code, we design with the goal of delivering re-usable building blocks so LEOS is released Open Source as we believe that some parts of it could be reused and adapted by some other Public Administration having similar needs. For more information on the features please check out our article here.

The code is available for free under European Union Public Licence 1.2, and the development team paid attention to organise the code in a structured way to ease its reusability (modules, plugins…).  

For more information on the EUPL licence, please visit this link.


What’s new?

The main differences compared to the previous prototype version are:


  • Improved user interface for proposal viewer, legal text viewer, explanatory memorandum viewer, annex viewer and annotations.
  • Co-edition icon and alerts when in proposal viewer, legal text viewer, explanatory memorandum viewer and annex viewer.
  • We have introduced implicit saving while editing legal text, explanatory memorandum or annexes.
  • Proposal Viewer - we have added a new feature called milestones.
  • We have improved the ToC edition and the styles for the display of documents (legal text, explanatory memorandum, annex).
  • It will be possible to restore to a previous version for legal text, explanatory memorandum and annex.
  • Legal Text Viewer - it will be possible to edit citations and recitals at unit level, the internal references pattern has changed.
  • LEOS configuration:
    • New roles/actions configuration to ease customization;
    • Templates configuration improvements;
    • Possibility to support templates that don't have memorandum mandatory by default;
    • Integration with ISA² Open CMIS Repo.
  • LEOS services - New services for the integration with other systems.
  • Technical improvements:
    • Remove of the Kotlin layer and dependencies;
    • Refactor i18 (internationalization) module.
  • Bug fixes
  • Updated dependencies (frameworks and libraries) Ref2link version 1.0.3.

What’s gone?

  • Context menu to update list number styles.
  • Smart break feature to identify the id attribute.



We would like to thank our collaborators from the Spanish Ministry of the Presidency, Relations with Parliament and Equality for the feedback received and we welcome further contributions.

So have your say! We count on your feedback.


Get in touch

We are working on the creation of an open source community on software for legislation drafting, in order to share best practices, experiences, expertise, and why not code!! Should you be interested or would you just like to share with us some observations on our work, you can join the conversation one legislative drafting here https://joinup.ec.europa.eu/news/efficient-legislative-drafting OR contact us at DIGIT-LEOS-FEEDBACK@ec.europa.eu .


We are looking forward to hearing from you,

The LEOS Team for LegIT ISA² Action