Interoperability solutions

Provide feedback on interoperability solutions in the European labour market

Published on: 09/05/2018
Last update: 17/05/2018

The Commission is currently conducting a public online consultation to gather feedback on for semantic and syntactic interoperability solutions in the European labour market. The aim of these solutions is to facilitate exchange and reuse of labour market documents, such as job vacancies and CVs, e.g. in job matching, recruitment and big data analysis. 

At the heart of the proposed solution is the development of a new Common Information Model that will serve as a hub for translating these documents from/to the various metadata schemata that are used by stakeholders such as employment services, employers, HR software vendors, social media and job boards.

This survey will help to shape the future developments of the proposed solution, so it suits the needs of labour market stakeholders.

The consultation is available in English and accessible here. It will remain open for contribution until the 3rd of June 2018.