Data protection legal framework in a nutshell

This category focus on the legal framework regarding data protection at European level. To this extent, you can find the links that will lead you to the current Data Protection regulations (hard law, law in progress) at the EU level and in the EU Member States (Law and DPA decisions). Moreover, regarding the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ePrivacy Directive, on the one hand, the documents (opinions, statements, recommendations, etc.) adopted by the EDPB and Article 29 Working party could be consulted. On the other hand, the case law CJEU and ECHR case law can also be consulted. In this regard, the PANELFIT Repository provides CJEU and ECHR case law (no pending case law). The CJEU judgments (no General Advocate opinions and other related information) and ECHR cases are organized by the different topics regarding Data Protection. In addition, in this category, different documents provided by stakeholders regarding GDPR can also be found.