Digital Government Factsheets

The Digital Government Factsheets are published as part of the National Interoperability Framework Observatory (NIFO) project of the ISA2 programme, and constitute a vital step in the process of monitoring the development in Digital Government in Europe.  

The goal of these factsheets is to become a prime source of country intelligence on all digital government-related matters in Europe, while capturing useful information on the main trends and developments in this field. At the same time, the factsheets provide information on European countries’ main actors and institutions responsible for the maintenance and delivery of Digital Government services. 

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To provide a detailed picture on the state of Digital Government development in Europe, the Digital Government factsheets are updated through a comprehensive research process which involves the following phases: 

  1. sharing of a dedicated eGovernment questionnaire with national representatives, designed to capture the latest development in Digital Government; 
  2. a qualitative review of the information already available on the factsheet and update of the key document information (e.g. individuals responsible); 
  3. the incorporation of the national representatives’ questionnaire input, and; 
  4. a final validation process involving the national representative. 

The following factsheets are published here: